Saturday, June 19, 2010

Case Closed

The controversy over the accidental shooting of a black thug by a white police officer is now officially over. Oscar Grant was shot accidentally because the police officer in question thought he was firing his Tazer not his pistol. So has testified a former fellow officer at the scene. The radical left has used this for its own ends, claiming that this shooting was a racist conspiracy by white police officers to kill black men. Sort of like Reason and their belief that Virginia police are castrating black men at will.

BART police Officer Johannes Mehserle shouted, "I'm going to Tase him," just before he fired a pistol shot into Oscar Grant's back, a former colleague of Mehserle's testified Friday at his murder trial.

Former Officer Anthony Pirone's testimony was a pivotal moment in the 6-day-old trial - and although he buttressed the defense's argument that the shooting was a tragic mistake, he also undercut Mehserle's case when he said Grant appeared to be under police control just before the fatal shot.

So, why is the Alameda County District Attorney wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on prosecuting a former police officer for murder when there is no evidence murder was committed? Perhaps the new DA wants black votes and cares not how she gets them.

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