Friday, June 11, 2010

Club Fed

The Obama Regime loves illegal aliens. They are considered current and future Demoncrat voters. Now the Obama Regime has discovered that the jails that hold illegal aliens before their hearing or deportation are just too much like jails. The Regime plans to make the facilities more like resorts than jails. (h/t American Thinker) Of course, this will all be at your expense, making illegal aliens feel more welcome. The obvious is that such policies as ending searches, free email, free telephone, and giving aliens the run of the facility have serious security concerns. Crimes and escape can easily be planned from behind bars, etc.

One of the contractors that provides such facilities, Corrections Corporation of America, states that it will provide the bingo, telephones, email, and a complaint manager free of charge:

Rebstock also questioned the cost to taxpayers for the changes.

“My grandparents would have loved to have bingo night and a dance class at the
retirement home they were in when they passed away, but that was something we
would have had to pay for,” he said. “And yet these guys are getting it on the
taxpayers' dime.”

Gibson said CCA is making the improvements at no
additional cost to ICE. The agency's contract with CCA for the Houston detention
center requires that ICE pay $99 per bed daily for each detainee, slightly lower
than the $102 average daily rate ICE pays nationally .

Rosenberg saidsome of the changes, like new flower baskets, may seem small, but they will combine with the bigger changes to make a difference in the daily lives of

“Taken together they will go some way to making this system
less penal,” she said.

However, that is a typical contractor ploy, give it free under the current contract, but then the add-ons to the contract given free then provide the justification for larger increases in the future as the contractor realizes the increased cost of free things. They will have to pay for all these free computers, T-1 internet lines for Voice Over Internet Protocols, more guards on the midnight and evening shifts when once aliens were on night lockdown, more conflict and fights from some aliens not wanting lights out when others want to sleep, etc.

But this is all just arguing over details, the real reason for the resort living for illegal aliens is to encourage aliens to remain in the U.S., even in custody, to continue to fight their cases through the administrative immigration appeals system and the endless appeals in federal courts. The dirty secret of immigration detention was that its daily indignities of incarceration encouraged aliens to give up on appeals and voluntarily leave. Few like life in jail, even those from third-world countries. Custody and threat of custody during the immigration hearing and appeals system is a defacto discouraging factor to fighting the system. The ploy by the Regime is to enourage aliens to fight and remain in the U.S. for the upcoming amnesty. That some government contracts benefit in the next round of negociations is just a side benefit, CCA will probably be donating alot to Obama, just like BP and Goldman-Sachs did.

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