Monday, June 14, 2010

Does George Gascon Get It?

He apparently does, but will he be able to do anything about it? That is the question, a question who's answer may save the lives of San Franciscans. The New York Police Department has an extensive intelligence gathering apparatus, it is the NYPD Intelligence Division, and it concentrates on Muslim terrorism, precisely where the threat to NYC comes from. The Islamists and their communist allies are of course opposed to gathering intelligence on the Islamists in San Francisco who are planning, funding, or supporting terrorism. Of course the Reds and Islamists are conjuring up the boogy-man of Tom Gerard, a possible Mossad agent and former SFPD Inspector who apparently had access to SFPD intelligence files and shared them with certain people some years ago before the Islamist threat was well known. This was back in the good-old-days when it was just the Reds trying to overthrow the government. But the Islamists are alot more dangerous than the pretty boys like Bill Ayers. 9/11 proved that. But the Reds and the Islamists want a 9/11 in San Francisco. They are off to a good start, easily and quickly intimidating Chief Gascon the first time he mentioned the Islamist threat. But how long will he be able to hold out on gather intelligence on the Islamist threat in San Francisco? Time will tell.

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