Tuesday, June 22, 2010

ICE Targets The FBI

Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE, is not happy about half of their job, the immigration half of ICE. It has decided that it likes criminal investigations rather than arresting illegal aliens. Interesting, in that ICE has a Memorandum of Understanding with the United States Border Patrol that prohibits the USBP from arresting illegal aliens away from the border or if they have established themselves in border towns. ICE says that is their duty, but it is a duty they are unhappy with.

ICE wants to be another FBI. Which leads one to wonder why we have an FBI if we need two of them. ICE is in the process of becoming something that it is not authorized by law. To wit we have the Homeland Security Act and the immigration and customs functions:

The Secretary, acting through the Under Secretary for Border and Transportation Security, shall be responsible for the following:
6 USC 202.
6 USC 201.
VerDate 11-MAY-2000 22:55 Dec 10, 2002 Jkt 019139 PO 00296 Frm 00043 Fmt 6580 Sfmt 6581 E:\PUBLAW\PUBL296.107 APPS24 PsN: PUBL296 116 STAT. 2178 PUBLIC LAW 107–296—NOV. 25, 2002

Preventing the entry of terrorists and the instruments of terrorism into the United States.

(2) Securing the borders, territorial waters, ports, terminals, waterways, and air, land, and sea transportation systems of the United States, including managing and coordinating those functions transferred to the Department at ports of entry.

(3) Carrying out the immigration enforcement functions vested by statute in, or performed by, the Commissioner of Immigration and Naturalization (or any officer, employee, or component of the Immigration and Naturalization Service) immediately
before the date on which the transfer of functions specified under section 441 takes effect.

(4) Establishing and administering rules, in accordance with section 428, governing the granting of visas or other forms of permission, including parole, to enter the United States to individuals who are not a citizen or an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the United States.

(5) Establishing national immigration enforcement policies and priorities.

(6) Except as provided in subtitle C, administering the customs laws of the United States.
(7) Conducting the inspection and related administrative functions of the Department of Agriculture transferred to the Secretary of Homeland Security under section 421.

(8) In carrying out the foregoing responsibilities, ensuring the speedy, orderly, and efficient flow of lawful traffic and commerce.

Nothing here about arresting terrorists, just preventing their entry. Arresting terrorists is under the authority of the FBI. ICE was not involved in any of the recent terrorist arrests, especially those that are American citizens, except in a support role. That means being the FBI's bitch; giving the FBI what it wants and getting nothing in return. Of course, with regards to Nidal Hassan and Faisal Shahzad, or the missing 200 odd Somali terrorists, ICE has done nothing.

The money quote that shows ICE is gunning for the FBI:

By streamlining and renaming several offices, officials hope to highlight the agency's counter-terrorism, money laundering and other complex criminal investigations and in the process "re-brand" ICE, turning the public -- and political -- spotlight away from its immigration work.

Although ICE claims it wants to maintain immigration enforcement, the truth is they want nothing to do with it:

"Public perception is dominated by civil immigration enforcement responsibilities, even though half of the agency is devoted to something else," Morton said recently after announcing the changes to ICE employees. "We're not going to get away from immigration. It's very important from a national security perspective."

ICE does not like its public perception of immigration enforcement, and wants out, despite the lie that they are "not going away from immigration." That is exactly what they are doing. The creation of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO), besides being a great waste of taxpayer dollars for the physical rebranding (badges, signage, etc.) is specifically designed to get away from immigration enforcement, leaving that to the poor underfunded step-child ERO, who's officers are less well paid than the agents at HSI.

WaPo also has to get in a few digs and lies:

Worksite raids and neighborhood sweeps that targeted illegal immigrants have helped shape ICE's image.

Memo to the WaPo, ICE never conducted neighborhood sweeps, the last one by the legacy INS was 20 years ago, and stopped worksite raids a year ago.

The question is just what the FBI will do about this plan to poach on its territory? Usually the FBI does not back down. Will John Morton be the man to dethrone J. Edgar's successor as the primary federal law enforcement agency? Will John Morton bitch out Robert Mueller or will Mueller put Morton in his place?

Remove the immigration work, and there is not alot for ICE to do, especially not the sexy stuff related to terrorism that is within its legal jurisdiction. It will have to fight with the FBI for cases, and will also be poaching on the DEA for drug cases. It appears as if the Customs takeover of ICE is complete, after they get smacked down by the FBI on the terrorism cases, the only thing left will be drug importation cases. Perhaps ICE, or HSI, can start working cases with the Food and Drug Administration Office of Criminal Investigations on steroids, supplements, and food import cases from China. There certainly are alot of poisonous Chinese food and nutritional supplements entering the U.S.

Even more interesting is a look at ICE's Strategic Plan 2010-2014. Most of it is wishful thinking and some outright lies.

For instance:

ICE is the principal criminal investigative arm of the Department of Homeland Security...

Wrong, the United States Secret Service is the primary investigative arm of DHS. It also manages security at all events designated as National Special Security Events, such as the Super Bowl, the Presidential Inaguration, etc.

OBJECTIVE 1.1 Prevent Terrorist Entry into the United States ICE will expand its efforts to identify and prevent the entry of terrorists or their associates into the United States.

Wrong again. Customs and Border Protection is the agency assigned to prevent the entry of terrorists into the United States. From the CBP website:

CBP is one of the Department of Homeland Security’s largest and most complex components, with a priority mission of keeping terrorists and their weapons out of the U.S.

ICE is nothing but the FBI's bitch:

OBJECTIVE 1.3 Support Direct Investigation of Terrorists Through the JTTF ICE will continue to support and participate in the direct investigation of suspected terrorists through the FBI-led JTTFs.

Fight a PR war with the FBI:

OBJECTIVE 4.3 Promote the Mission and Success of ICE Recognizing that the mission of ICE is not broadly understood, ICE will better define itself and promote its mission and success to the Department, public, media, Congress, community groups, and other law enforcement entities. ICE is a premier investigative Federal law enforcement agency—the second largest in the United States—and over the next five fiscal years, young people interested in law enforcement careers will increasingly understand the unique and exciting mission
of ICE. As ICE is better understood through increased outreach and branding, employees will feel increasingly proud of the hours they dedicate to the work of

But ICE's raison d'etre, immigration enforcement, is not on their radar:

OBJECTIVE 4.4 Use Resources Wisely ICE will effectively manage its resources, assets, technology, and information and spend its money wisely, with a full understanding of what its mission costs and how policy decisions influence resource needs. Through thoughtful alignment of strategic goals and objectives, budget requests will accurately reflect ICE’s resource requirements. ICE will incorporate performance elements to measure the outcomes of its resource allocation decisions, budget execution, and capital management efforts. ICE will invest in its infrastructure to eliminate waste, become more energy-efficient, and make optimal use of space, systems, and assets. ICE will proactively identify and correct financial and operational risks and continually strengthen internal controls to safeguard the public’s resources and trust.

Using resources wisely means not arresting illegal aliens when they are reported and a return to catch and release when they are arrested.


Edgar said...

While I have read other blogs that are skewed toward one side of the other, this is the first that is not only completely off balance but terminally ill with scorn and misinformation. It is as if the author works for the FBI or is in someway angry with ICE. The thesis that ICE is trying to move in on FBI territory is just wrong. FBI has primary jurisdiction (by law) to investigate terrorism cases within the United States. ICE is certainly not moving in on that or any aspect of the FBI’s role. As a matter of fact ICE is the lead contributing agency providing more Special Agents than any other agency to the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF). The author should know that as big as the FBI is, in can’t go at it alone. Furthermore, ICE agents provide the expertise and knowledge of money laundering investigations to the JTTF which aid in the dismantling terrorist networks. One must remember that money laundering was a Customs’ initiative and thus HSI agents have the knowledge and experience to conduct such investigations.
Second, Secret Service is not the main investigative agency with in DHS. If it were then this would be a sad state of affairs as Secret Service Agents have a narrow investigative authority (most of their investigations focus on counterfeit US currency investigations) and not enough manpower. Let us be clear, HSI is the largest and primary investigative arm of DHS.
Secret Service agents: 3200. HSI agents: over 7000 and adding 3000 more in the next 4 years.
The author should know that HSI is charged with the investigation and enforcement of over 400 federal statutes within the United States, and maintains attach├ęs at major U.S. embassies overseas, more so than even DEA. Consequently, HSI Special Agents possess the broadest investigative authority within the United States government.
The author stated that ICE does not have sexy cases to investigate. Wrong again, HSI agents investigate and combat a range of issues such as strategic crimes, human rights violations, human smuggling, art theft, human trafficking, drug trafficking, arms trafficking and other types of smuggling (including weapons of mass destruction), immigration crimes, gang investigations; financial crimes including money laundering, bulk cash smuggling and financial fraud; terrorism, computer crimes (child pornography), Intellectual Property Rights crimes (trafficking of counterfeit trademark protected merchandise), Cultural Property crimes (theft and smuggling of antiquities and art), and import/export enforcement issues. All of the above mention issues are within the jurisdiction of HSI, because lets face it. HSI has both Immigration and Customs authority. If “it” wants to come in to the US or leave the US then HSI has a right to investigate, plain and simple.

Federale said...

As I pointed out, but it is clear that you are just as biased. You are making a case yourself for the laughingly named Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) to be the primary law enforcement agency of the federal government. Now doing the FBI's bitch work on JTTF is nothing to brag about, but I agree and the point of my post was that ICE is nothing more than the legacy INS and USCS. Its legal authority is severly limited but it does have ambitions, much like the FBI. The problem is that ICE doesn't want to enforce immigration laws but wants to investigate terrorism. Well, it has no such legal authority. It should go back to busting illegals. That is why it exists. Oh, and by the way, your 7000 includes Deportation Officers and Immigration Enforcement Agents, so it is in no way a significant law enforcement agency since DOs and IEAs have very limited authority.

And, by the way, USSS has wide jurisdiction and heads up security for all major national events from the Inaguration to the Super Bowl.

I will say though that ICE was a big mistake from the start; USCS agents were better agents and USCS a better run agency.

And, no, HSI agents don't have the broadest authority, FBI and USMS have the widest authority.

I think you need to go back to FLETC for remediation.

Edgar said...

You are making a case yourself for the laughingly named Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) to be the primary law enforcement agency of the federal government.

Reply: Wrong, read my post, I said they are the primary law enforcement and investigative arm of DHS. It is the reason for the renaming. HSI means that they will have primary investigative jurisdiction with in the entire department, not only ICE.

Now doing the FBI's bitch work on JTTF is nothing to brag about.

Reply: Right, the thing is that JTTF means Joint Terrorism Task Force with “Joint” being the first word. ICE is the largest provider of agents, second only to the FBI. However, there are other agencies including state and local. Moreover, every agency brigs expertise and knowledge, for ICE it’s money laundering and weapons exportation investigations.

[my] post was that ICE is nothing more than the legacy INS and USCS.

Reply: No argument, INS+ USCS=ICE, hence the name.

The problem is that ICE doesn't want to enforce immigration laws but wants to investigate terrorism. Well, it has no such legal authority. It should go back to busting illegals.

Two part reply

Reply: first let me state that ICE has various directorates and you might be confused as to the difference between HSI (investigations) and Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO). ICE does enforce immigration laws, last year was a record year for immigration enforcement a cross the board ICE initiated more illegal arrests (ERO) and conducted more alien criminal investigations (HIS) than the previous 2 years combined.
Reply: ICE does have authority to investigate terrorism, (see Homeland Security Act of 2002) however it is not the primary agency, FBI is (by law) and there is a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the two agencies to secure cooperation in investigating terrorism cases.
ICE never stopped “busting illegals,” it is what ERO does. HSI investigates criminal aliens as part of its investigative duties.

Oh, and by the way, your 7000 includes Deportation Officers and Immigration Enforcement Agents.

Reply: wrong again, 7000 refers only to agents; if you do include DO’s and IEA then the number is closer to 15,000 employees.

DOs and IEAs have very limited authority.

Reply: Yes, it is why they do the “busting” and agents do the investigations.

USSS has wide jurisdiction and heads up security for all major national events from the Inauguration to the Super Bowl.

Reply: Right, they handle security (I could not have said it better!), and 90% of their duty is security; only a small number of agents do investigative work (which is relegated mostly to counterfeit currency). Also, they can be called at anytime to do security and must put their investigations on hold.

I will say though that ICE was a big mistake from the start; USCS agents were better agents and USCS a better run agency.

Reply: I agree, ICE is a monster that needs to be reconfigured to work more efficiently; hence the reorganization within the department.

And, no, HSI agents don't have the broadest authority, FBI and USMS have the widest authority.

Reply: I do agree that FBI is about as close as you can get to a “General Agent” which does not exist in the federal government. As for the Marshal statement, you do know that an ICE agent can enforce every law that USMS Marshal can enforce; however, a Marshal can’t enforce every law that an ICE agent can.

I think you need to go back to FLETC for remediation.

Reply: sad really, you came into this discourse with misinformation and hearsay. As they say, “You sir, came in here unarmed and unprepared” good day to you.

Federale said...

Wrong, the FBI has primary jurisdiction on terrorism. ICE only supports the FBI. The JTTF is nothing more than the servants of the FBI. There may be alot of ICE agents on JTTF, but they still work for the FBI.

Wrong, ERO does not do proactive immigration enforcement. They don't go out arresting any illegals who have not previously been arrested.

The increase in deportations is the result of one thing and one thing only, Secure Communities.

I have documented repeatedly that ICE openly refuses to make arrests and those they do arrest, they release, AKA "Catch and Release."

For instance, ICE refuses to arrest open illegals who attend colleges and automatically releases any aliens attending college that get arrested as part of 287g or Secure Communities. Even those arrested by the USBP attending college are released by ERO.

Just because you got a lot of agents, or more accurately, alot of DOs and IEAs, that doesn't mean you are actually doing anything useful.

And what terrorists have ICE agents arrested lately?

None, the FBI arrested them all. Portland bomber, Somalis left and right, Times Square Bomber, etc.

You talk a good game about terrorism, but you are nothing more than the old USCS and INS without Operation Greenback.

samurai77 said...

Whoever the author of this essay is, is badly, I mean badly, misinformed. ICE-HSI has more authority than any other investigative agency.

samurai77 said...

This is the worst essay every. ICE-HSI has more arrests than any other federal investigative agency. HSI does have more authority than any other agency. Are you going to see HSI special agents standing on corners going after illegal aliens? NO. DRO (now ERO) is being groomed for this job. This author needs to actually no what he is talking about before he posts something like this.

Federale said...

No, ICE does not have "more authority" than any federal law enforcement agency. The FBI and USMS have much more authority. ICE only has authority over immigration and customs laws.

No, ICE does not have more arrests than any other agency. The USBP has much more arrests. And, in any event, HSI has few arrests. ERO has much more arrests than HSI.

HSI is little more than the old USCS Office of Investigations, only with a few alien smuggling investigations.

samurai77 said...

Sorry, federale, but your information is soooo incorrect.

First, HSI has authority in over 400 laws. I'm very sure that FBI and USMS has NO border authority.

Second, there is a big difference between administrative arrests (illegal aliens) and investigative.

You need to get your facts straight. Oh, I'm also prior USBP, so don't go there.

Federale said...

If you were former USBP you would know that USBP now has sole authority over drug and alien smuggling at the border. USBP has revived their prosecution units and have had their authority expanded to prosecute drug smuggling. HSI just lost drug and alien smuggling at the land border.

HSI has no border authority, CBP Office of Field Operations and their new prosecution units have border search and prosecution authority now. HSI is now loosing that responsibility now.

You need to go back to FLETC and learn about FBI and USMS authority. HSI authority is restricted to specific statutes. The FBI and USMS can enforce any federal law.

And, note, there are not 7,000 HSI agents. There are closer to 2,000 nationwide. ERO (DOs and IEAs) outnumbers HSI agents by a factor of thousands.

And remember, when HSI agents are on the JTTF, they report to a supervisory FBI agent. That makes you the FBI bitch.

samurai77 said...

Dear Federale, you sound less and less like you know what you're talking about everytime you answer. USBP DO NOT HAVE SOLE AUTHORITY OVER ANYTHING! They have no 1811's in their agency, nor do CBPO'S. I have 100% respect for them, but you simply do not know what you are talking about. You obviously have something against HSI. No worries, I let statistics speak for themselves. ALL of CBPO'S drug investigations go to HSI - none to DEA. Oh, and who do think works weapons smuggling on the border - HSI! As for USBP and CBPO prosecutions, they are not Criminal Investigators (1811). They do a great job in their field but last time I looked, there are no Special Agents in either agency.

You seem to want people to think that you know what you are talking about. YOU DON'T.

And one more thing. Once again, FBI nor USMS, have NO border search authority. HSI is, and probably always will be, the investigative arm of DHS (duh, hence the name).

I'm sorry to say, but you're just going to have to live with these facts. HSI is not going anywhere, and no other agency is taking over anything, regardless of what you might think you know.

I love the fact that you picked an agency to stomp on when you have no facts, the information you are providing is ridiculous and you have obviously no experience in the agency. ICE-HSI is not targeting the FBI for anything, nor does it care to. HSI has enough smuggling cases to worry about (maybe I know a little about this, hmmm).

And yes, I am taking the time to reply to your ridiculous post, because there is someone, YOU, who is bashing an agency with no facts whatsoever. I too can sit here and post all of the Titles of the Federal Criminal Code that HSI enforces. However, as HSI continues to grow, as does areas of it's enforcement, maybe you'll wake up and stop bothering people with your nonsense.

Who's the @#!*% now!

Federale said...

Well, since CBP OFO and USBP are running criminal investigations despite not being 1811, then you are wrong.

HSI's only reputation is for not arresting illegal aliens.

And since USBP is investigating drug smuggling on the border and CBP OFO's Investigations unit is presenting cases to the USAO, then it looks like HSI is going to end up like a truncated USCS OI; the only job you will have is investigating counterfeit Gucci bags from China.

If you are doing so many smuggling cases, then why is USBP taking over those investigations on the border? Perhaps because HSI is just not measuring up? Why is CBP OFO Investigations unit taking smuggling cases at POEs?

Oh, so you are involved in Operation Gun Walker. A really good job you, and ATFE, are doing on that one.

But, if I recall, it is CBPOs and USBPAs that are manning the outgoing lanes at POEs...

You can quote all the laws that you can enforce, but every one of those and more is within the jurisdiction of the FBI.

It is no surprise that HSI is failing if it is peopled by morons like you. CBP and USBP are slowly but surely taking all your cases.

You can whine all you want about being a super 1811, but that means nothing if all your cases are taken by non-1811s.

But, given time, CBP will have their own 1811s and then there will be no need for HSI at all. Especially since you have surrendered all your immigration enforcement to ERO.

It is quite funny that your Director, John Morton, does not even want to enforce immigration laws. What an organization, your leader hates the job his employees do.

So, go ahead and don't read me. See if I care, but it seems you still are. Lets just see what happens to HSI when your Gun Walking to the Mexican cartels becomes widespread news.

You guys and ATFE even killed one of your own agents. Not something to brag about.

samurai77 said...

I'll make this a short one 'cause you can't reason with insanity.

I don't know where you are getting your information from. USBP and CBP OFO have taken NOTHING from HSI. If you think working in prosecution units is the same as working "Complex International Smuggling Cases", then you are really showing the rest of us that you have no experience in this field. Matter of fact, you're probably one of those guys who sit around watch reruns of the X-files and Manhunters then believe all the hype. Let me give you a tip, it's not really like it is in the movies.

Oh, and you think legacy USCS didn't do anything? Moron eh? USCS SA'S have been working narcotics cases for as long as the agency was around. Like I said "KNOW YOUR FACTS FIRST"!!!

Oh, and you want to bring up the death of Special Agent Jaime Zapata? You're frickin' awesome dude!

Federale said...

LOL, they certainly did. ICE used to have to respond to drug and alien smuggling cases from the USBP and the POEs. Now they don't.

"Complex international smuggling cases" by which you mean the fake Rolex sold in a 99 Cents store.

Yeah, you bragged about Gun Walker, now you are angry about the result? You got some nerve with that.

And I noticed that you did not mention the BPA killed with your Gun Walker "complex international smuggling case."

You think you are hot shit, but face it, no one cares about counterfeit Levi's.

Oh, and you aren't loosing out to CBP. It was not too long ago that Air and Marine was ICE, now they are CBP.

Not too long ago ICE took smuggling cases from USBP and POEs. Now they don't.

CBP is eating your lunch and you are in denial.

Yeah, USCS OI was hot shit, but they lost Operation Greenback to the FBI. Now they are nothing.

The DEA is catching international drug smugglers and international arms dealers.

Where was HSI when Victor Bout was investigated, indicted and captured? LOL. No where to be found.

Go back to USBP and do some real work.

samurai77 said...

Yeah, sucks when your the only one that actually believes your own post.

To anyone else that reads this, I hope you know that federale is a fraud and living in his own dream world.

Dude, if CBP and USBP are taking HSI'S cases, then why does HSI still respond to every single criminal case at the ports? Again, I have all the respect for CBP, but these are two completely different jobs.

I would love to rip you up and down about how retarded your posts are, but not going to. Again, you clearly have no experience. In ten years, when you see HSI "still" investigating these areas, and you're "still" mad at the world, maybe you'll have a little more respect.

Have fun bashing the very people that protect your ass.....

Federale said...

You are the only moron who seems to think I am wrong.

Ten years from now you will be reporting to a CBP supervisor about your counterfeit Rolex case.

Ron said...


Who exactly do you work for and how long have you worked there?

Ron said...


Who exactly do you work for and how long have you been doing it?

Federale said...

Happily Retired! Love that covered position. Now with a major healthcare provider in their fraud department.

Hermano Pistolero Gringo said...

I think Federale was a BP LECA or a CBP SPS. Maybe just a CBPO that got kicked out when they actually turned that position into quasi-LE. He obviously knows nothing about HSI. I've never met a Marshal that worked Child Exploitation or an FBI Agent that could do a border search. Statutorily, HSI has the broadest legal authority without question. Each agency does have its area of expertise, however, and we're more productive when working together. I think chicken-$#¡+ mouthpieces that spout off vitriole about agencies they know nothing about should be sterilized and gagged.

---An HSI Agent in Texas

Federale said...

Hey you looser HSI agent in Texas, how many guns did you run to Mexico? Two dead American law enforcement agents and read this, more of yours and Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives and Really Big Fires showing up at crime scenes in Arizona. Thanks fuckwad.


Edgar said...

Federale, it seems that this blog has gotten the attention of real people in the know, and now you are left kicking, screaming and, cursing to get your point across. The facts are and remain that HSI is not what you have mistakenly stated.

CBP and BP have prosecution units; that is when they catch someone at the POE they can under review of HSI prosecute the person or entity for violations of law. That means they can present the person in court and provide the US attorney with a criminal complaint based on the facts of what happen at the POE. However this does not mean CBP or BP conduct criminal investigations. That is done by HSI. As a matter of fact, when ever there is a prosecution conducted by CBP or BP, HSI agents are called in and they conduct the interview. If the Special Agent believes there is more than a simple prosecution, i.e. further investigation is warranted then HSI will conduct the investigation.

Furthermore, you state that HSI has lost presence in the border. How? HSI has a memorandum with DEA to allow BP to call DEA when there is a drug seizure. Do not confuse this with HSI losing power of presence, as BP remains a sister agency to HSI as does CBP. Under the rules of DHS, HSI has primary investigatory responsibility for both BP and CBP. It was HSI that granted and signed the MOU with DEA, and if so wanted could also terminate the MOU. However as I said in my earlier post, no agency can go at it alone.

You also state that there are 2000 HSI agents nation wide. Please know your facts. There are close to 3000 agents in the Southwest border alone, over twice that number nationwide. HSI is the second largest (1811) agency.

As for the ATF debacle, it is a sad state of affairs which has cause the death of good people on both sides of the border. However please do not act, state of place the blame with HSI, as this was an ATF action.

Also there is no need to use foul language, as it shows how desperate you are to prove a false point that has been discovered. Next time remember to check facts before posting, as there are those that will call you out when you don’t.

Federale said...

Dream on Edgar. And I see you brilliant "criminal investigators" missed another Muslim terrorist.


Enjoy your career investigating Chinese knockoffs.

CBP is on the march and HSI or whatever you are known as at the moment will be just a bureaucratic footnote.

Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote this is an idiot! Completely wrong about everything.....it almost like he tried and. Wanted to Ben completely wrong!

Federale said...

"Wanted to Ben completely wrong!" Do you speak English?

Justice Seeker79 said...

Federale, you do not know what you are talking about. HSI has more authority than FBI and USMS combined. Niether FBI nor USMS have border search authority. HSI are the only 1811's who have this authority.

Also, USMS does not have Title 8 Immigration authority. FBI does, but they don't know how to use it and need the assistance of an ICE-HSI agent to arrest a terror suspect on immigration charges while they build their terrorism case against the suspect.

You obviously are threatened by HSI for some reason. My theory is that you tried to get in and got rejected or failed the test.

Federale said...

Fool. Maricopa County Sheriff's Office makes more arrests of illegal aliens than HSI does. USBP has border search authority. On the border, HSI is a miniscule and ineffective version of DEA or USBP.

Justice Seeker79 said...

yeah moron, of course BP has border search authority, they are the BORDER Patrol!! But they are NOT 1811s, and their authority beyond the border ends. HSI is the detective bureau of BP, CBP, ERO, CIS,and much more.

HSI will take over the Famous But Incompetent(FBI) within the next 5 years and become the number 1 Fed agency.

Federale said...

Idiot. USBP has revived ASU and prosecutions units and are taking drug and alien cases directly the the USAO. POEs also have been doing the same. So it is you who will soon be replaced. Especially since you aren't actually doing your job.

Justice Seeker79 said...

You are so pathetically misinformed, I don't even know where to begin with you. HSI is gtting replaced by Border Patrol?? That's a laugh!

BP has no jurisdiction in NYC, LA, Chicago, Kansas City, Philadelphia, and about a million other places that are not on or near the border. Here's a news flash for you, the USA consists of much more than the Mexican Border and Canadian Border, HSI has jurisdiction both at the borders and everywhere in between, something that BP does not have.

The prosecutions that you are referring to by BP are minor prosecutions involving single or avery few individuals who are caught red handed in the act at while attempting to cross the border.

They are not doing high level complex investigations which are transnational in nature, and last for several months or years involving multiple conspiritors both inside and outside the U.S.

HSI is the ONLY agency within DHS that is doing that.

Comparing BP investigations/prosecutions to HSI investigations/prosecutions is like comparing a street cop to a homicide detective!

Federale said...

You are an absolute moron. The authority of BPAs extends throughout the United States. There is no geographic limit to their authority.

You believe the propaganda that your useless management gives you. You think that you will replace the FBI. No, you will spend your career chasing counterfeit Gucci bags.

Federale said...

Hello Kitty! LOL. Big tough ICE agents tracking down fake Hello Kitty merchandise.


Something for certain that no FBI agent would waste time on while terrorists and illegal aliens are running rampant throughout the country.

Justice Seeker79 said...

You are an ignorant fool! First of all, an MOU was signed between BP an ICE which prohibits BP from arresting any alien more than so so many miles from the border. They are mandated to turn the case over to ICE at that point. When was the last time a BP agent arrested someone within the interior of the country? Yeah technically under the INA, they are Immigration officers and have the authority to do it, but it never happens because their policy dictates what their area of responsibility is which is the border or close proximety to the border. Not the interior of the United States.

Gucci bags?? HSI and DEA deal with more violent criminals than any other Federal Law Enforcement agencies. And if you had any intelligence or experience in your being, you would know that fake Gucci bags and other counterfeit merchandise are a multi-billion dollar criminal enterprise, the proceeds of which is used to fund Hezbollah, and other terrorist organizations. It is called Intellectual Property crimes. Try Googling it if you don't believe me, it is a major source of funding for terror organizations.

HSI goes after human traffickers, transnational street gangs, drug traffickers, arms traffickers, etc. Put that in your pipe and smoke it biotch!

Federale said...

DEA certainly does, but not HSI. And what terrorists has HSI arrested lately? Not the terrorists caught by the FBI in Kentucky. Not any terrorists.

Enjoy your time with Hello Kitty knockoffs.

Justice Seeker79 said...

OH really, ICE doesn't deal with violent criminals? Not according to this article:


When was the last time the FBI arreste 5,270 people during a single operation?

Federale said...


Federale said...

And how many arrests each year by BP?

Federale said...

And how many arrests each year by BP?

Justice Seeker79 said...

The arrest that BP arrests are illegal aliens caught entering the country illegally, period. They make alot of arrest because they are right on the frontline.

They are are not an interior law enforcement agency. They do not do real investigations. They are not 1811s, they are a uniformed patrol division.

Your analogy is the equivalent of saying who makes more arrests, a street cop on patrol or a homicide detective. Of course the patrol officer will encounter more low level minor crimes on the street, but the detective makes the more high profile big arrests.

The 5,200 arrests made by ICE during a single operation were the result of extensive investigative work over the course of several years target people who were already in the country.

Finding illegal aliens who are already in the country are alot more difficult than catching illegals hopping the fence right in front of your eyes.

ICE does not have that priveledge that Border Patrol has. Illegals are ghosts who have no identity. Finding them once they are already in the country requires alot more investigative effort.

If that's the case, the BP makes more arrests than the FBI too.

Your argument is rediculous.

Federale said...

You idiots are too busy not doing your job.


I am certain that you useless morons will be releasing even more criminals.

Justice Seeker79 said...

Listen jerkoff, ICE releases people from custody because they have no choice. That is what the law says they have to do.

It is not ICE's fault. They are following the law. It is the fault of the countries where the criminal aliens are from who refuse to accept their own citizens back into their countries, therefore it is impossible for ICE to deport them when their countries refuse to take them back.

If you want to blame someone, blame those countries for refusing to cooperate with the U.S. or blame Obama for continuing to cater to those countries by granting more of those countries' citizens visa to come into the U.S.

Get your facts straight. ICE just carries out the law. It doesn't make the law. The politicians in Washington and the foreign governments make it impossible for ICE to do its job!

Federale said...

You're a frakking moron. ICE releases illegals because it chooses to. Because ICE does not like arresting and deporting illegals. They prefer doing the bitch work for Red Chinese manufacturers of Hello Kitty junk.

Justice Seeker79 said...

Maybe you should get angry with all the sancuary cities who refuse to report illegals to ICE for deportation.

ICE has no choice BUT to release non-deportable aliens because of the Supreme Court case Zadvydas v. Davis. ICE is simply following the law. See article below:


Federale said...

Refusing to arrest or remove illegal aliens is not the fault of SCOTUS but of John Morton and HSI. Take responsibility.

Another 200 illegal aliens not arrested or deported. Great work!


No arrests for aggravated identity theft, no arrests for misuse of an SSN, no arrests for false statements on an I-9. Great job HSI.

Keep seizing those Gucci bags and unlicensed NFL merchandise.

Justice Seeker79 said...

There are approximately 20 million illegals in the country, ICE is only given a budget from Congress to detain 400,000 per year.

So where would you jail all 20 million of them?? We don't have enough jail space to hold 20 million people. We don't have enough prosecutors to prosecute 20 million cases, and the courtrooms do not have the ability to have 20 million cases on their dockets.

The DEA does not arrest every dope dealer on the street corner.

The IRS does not arrest every person who works off the books.

The ATF does not arrest everyone with an illegal firearm.

And ICE does not arrest every single illegal alien.

Every Federal agency must prioritize it's cases according to its resources.

the states and local governments have the ability to assist ICE but the Obama adminitration keeps suing them, like Sheriff Arpaio in Arizona.

Who do you think will have to deport 20 million people? How do you think they will get back to their countries of origen?? Who will pay for that? Not the illegal aiens my friend. You and me. The taxpayers.

You assume all illegals are from Mexico and can simply be bussed across the border. Well what about all the ones from far off distant countries?? An ICE agent has to escort many of those aliens back to their countries, because they can not be trusted to go back on their own. How will we pay for two ICE agents for every one alien who is considered a risk to escort them back? Do you know how much money that will cost the U.S. Gov??

I await your answers to my questions Mr. know it all, who I doubt served one single day as a Federal law enforcement agent with any agency.

Federale said...

I see you have swallowed John Morton's cock. Did you swallow the cum as well? Over one million Mexicans were removed from the United States in a year under Operation Wetback in the 50s. They did it with a few hundred border patrol agents. Clearly you 1811s are not as bright or competent as a BPA.

There is nothing in ICE's budget that prohibits it from arresting and removing more than 400,000 illegal aliens.

Justice Seeker79 said...

I think you swallowed some Border Patrol Agents' cocks. Let me explain something to you you ignorant pee brain retard.

You do not know the law, you have demonstrated that very clearly.

There is a thing called Expedited Removal (ER). What ER is is when an alien is apprehended at or near the border, and they are Mexican nationals, they can be immediately removed back to Mexico under the law without affording them a hearing before an immigration judge. However when they are apprehended within the interior of the country, they have much more rights and it is harder to deport them legally than it is when they are caught at the border.

This means that when BP arrests an alien at the border whom they catch red handed sneaking into the country, they simply print them and put them on the bus back to Mexico.

However, when ICE arrests an alien within the interior of the country, they must give them a hearing before an Immigration judge, and the burden of prrof is on the Government at that point to proove that the person is illegal, whereas the burden of proof is on the alien at the border to establish admissibility into the country.

So this means that BP has an advantage legally at the border when arresting an alien. The burden of proof is not on them, and they have no legal hoops to jump through like ICE does within the interior.

When an alien is arrested within the interior, he cannot be removed immediately because there is a judicial process he must be afforded, and if he is subject to detention, he must be detained during that judicial process which can last several months or even years. There is also much more investigative effort required to locate aliens who are already in the country and hiding as opposed to being caught at the border.

So before you compare Border Patrol arrests to ICE arrests of illegal aliens, learn the law and get you facts straight!

Federale said...

You really are a dumb fuck. Mexicans are removed with VR not ER. Almost all border removals by USBP are VR. POEs mostly use ER, but most aliens are given the option to withdraw their admission on form I-275.

In fact it is ICE that is refusing to use ER in its non-enforcement. No criminal aliens are being removed with ER, even though ER applies to criminals.

Justice Seeker79 said...

BP uses ER and VR. VR does not result in serious consequences if the alien reenters after being VR'ed. ER wether done at the POE or the border reuslults in a Federal felony called reentry after deportation if the alien reenters after being ER'ed.

BP works at POE's alongside CBP officers on the southern border.

Anyone who watches Border Wars knows that.

Whether it is ER or VR, you just reinforced my whole point that it is much easier for BP to remove people than it is for ICE to remove people.

Show me the law that says an alien found within the interior of the country(not near the border) can be either ER'ed or VR'ed without a judicial process first.

There are very few exceptions, such as visa waivers, crewmembers, parolees, and aliens who entered without inspection who have been convicted of an aggravated felony.

Other than those few exceptions, show me the law or policy that says that ICE is allowed to remove a run in the mill illegal alien like BP is allowed to do at the border legally.

I am betting you cannot show me the law.

Justice Seeker79 said...

You cannot dispute the fact that there is no burden of proff for BP to arrest an alien, but for ICE to arrest an alien there is a burden of proof.

You cannot dispute the fact that BP removes ANY unlawful alien, not just criminals without due process.

You admitted it yourself that BP VR's everyone.

BTW, do you know that ICE deals with every different class of aliens, both legal and illegal?

ICE removed Legal Permanant Resident convicted of crimes.

BP rarely deals with that.

BP is a one trick pony. They deal with EWI's. Do you know what an EWI is?? I guess you will have to Google it like you Googled everything else.

Show me statistics on how many Legal Permanant Residents convicted of crimes BP has removed compared to ICE.

How many visa overstays havs BP removed compared to ICE?

How many other than Mexicans has BP removed compared to ICE?

You have no argument dude. Give it a rest already. When you are loosing the argument, you resort to name calling because that's all you got!

Justice Seeker79 said...

Here is a rebuttal to your false claim that Border Patrol does not use Expedited Removals:


Federale said...

Hey dumbfuck, I did not say they don't, I said they mostly use VR.

I noticed that you did not say anything about ICE falling down on the job on ERing criminal aliens.

Your job is to ignore illegal aliens and search the world for fake Hello Kitty merchandise.

Justice Seeker79 said...

Just as I predicted you can't dispute my facts. You can't cite any statistics or law. All you can do is call me a dumb fuck and use the tired Hello kitty BS.

Who's the dumbass now?

Federale said...

You sited no statistics that ICE is using ER in any significant number. You refused to address the fact that ICE refuses to this day to use ER against criminal aliens as required by law.

ICE is conducting an amnesty for illegal aliens.

To wit: http://www.wzzm13.com/news/article/191921/2/Mom-facing-deportation-can-stay-1-year

And you ignored Operation Wetback where a few hundred BPAs removed a million illegal aliens in a year.

Something you dumbfuck HSI agents can't manage.

There were 476,405 mostly VRs by USBP, but this also includes POE removals by ER and limited ER use by USBP.

ICE HSI only made 17,000 arrests of illegal aliens in 2010. ICE HSI is quite useless. ICE ERO made 35,000 arrests in 2010.


Justice Seeker79 said...

The thing that you don't get is this. I'm trying real hard to get you to understand this but you are dense.

The sole responsibility of Border Patrol is to arrest illegal aliens, which is largely administrative in nature, not criminal.

Although entering the country illegally is a misdeameanor, it is usually handled civilly, meaning the illegals are not criminally prosecuted for being illegally.

HSI is a CRIMINAL investigative agency. Arresting illegal aliens for being illegal is a very small fraction of HSI's overall mission.

You think that HSI's only job is go around arresting illegals all day. That is BP's sole mission, not HSI's.

HSI does much much more than that which you refuse to acknowledge. You keep saying Hello Kitty bags, because you are so ignorant of what HSI's true mission is and you are obviously jealous of HSI.

You are jealous of HSI because of it's popularity and rapid growth within the Federal law enforcement community.

You are either a disgruntled FBI agent who is threatened by HSI or you are some square badge wannabe who got rejected by real law enforcement.

You keep saying Hello kitty, but why don't you talk about the million other things HSI does?

HSI does not only arrest illegal aliens on administrative civil charges like Border Patrol.

HSI is actually arresting both illegal aliens AND US Citizens on CRIMINAL charges. HSI does not only enforce administrative immigration violations, it enforces over 400 criminal statutes under Title 8, Title 19, Title 21, Title 18, etc.

As far as Operation Wetback is concerned, I have several arguments:

First, since 2008 we have deported about the same amount as Operation wetback, thanks to the Secure Communities program.

Secondly, Operation Wetback was in 1954. The mentality in this country was totally different back then, there was less legal obstacles to deport aliens, less civil rights protections for persons arrested, and it only involved Mexican nationals.

Third, we have a pro illegal immigrant political environment in this country now, that we did not have back then. We have much more sanctuary cities and states who create an impedence for the Feds to deport aliens, we have much more advocacy organizations who are constantly filing lawsuits to block enforcement efforts against illegal immigration, and the illegals in this country today have much deeper roots than the ones in 1954 had.

Most of them have US Citizen children, ties to the community, and families, because they have been here for a generation already, which makes it much more difficult to deport them politically and legally.

In 1954, many trivial jobs were filled by American citizens or immigrants from Italy, Ireland, or African Americans.

Today, illegals take up most of these jobs and both the Democrats and the Republicans are afraid to deport these people because of the potential consequences economically if they were all deported.

The Democrats want them here so they can become voters when they get amnesty, and the republicans want them here for cheap labor for big business.

So you can keep blaming ICE for this problem of illegal immigration all you want, but you and I both know that the problem is much deeper than ICE and is in many ways beyond ICE's control.

Justice Seeker79 said...

Comparing ERO arrests to HSI arrests of illegal aliens is unfair since ERO mostly arrests aliens who have already been arrested by another agency.

Border Patrol arrests illegal aliens who are hopping the fence right in front of their eyes.

HSI and ERO Fugitive operations are the only components that are actually going out into the street looking for illegal aliens on the streets.

Federale said...

LOL. You don't like any comparisons that are not to your benefit. Spoken like a truly brainless and arrogant 1811.

You think that being an 1811 makes you smarter and better than others. Well, you 1811 supermen are not doing as well in protecting America from illegal aliens than 1801s and 1899s.

So, go crawl back under your desk and do the bitch work for Hello Kitty, Gucci, and the NFL. Your stats show that you ain't working very hard arresting illegals.

Remember, if you really were smart, you would have been a real Special Agent and joined the FBI. But I think you would not have gotten past their written test.

Justice Seeker79 said...

I'm sorry that you couldn't make the cut to become an 1811, I guess you are just not good enough or smart enough.

Better luck next time, I'm sure you will pass the test eventually.

Jealousy is a terrible thing. I understand that you are bitter for having been rejected by HSI. That is why you feel the need to start a blog specifically targeting HSI.

Good thing there are people like me to put you in your place and expose you for the jealous bitter wannabe square badge fraud that you are.

Federale said...

Your comment exposes you as an idiot. How do you know I am not an 1811?

Oh, and here is another article on how ICE HSI is not arresting criminal aliens who are in local custody. Another HSI fail. Criminal aliens now enjoy an HSI administrative amnesty.


Justice Seeker79 said...

I'll tell you how I know you are an 1811. Because other 1811s, REAL 1811s, don't attack eachother in an open forum. We may have our petty squabbles here and there, but we don not viciously attack eachother in public.

I have known many FBI agents and they have always been professional toward us and treated us as there equals.

From my experience, the people who engage in the type of unprofessional behavior that you have usually fall under one of three categories:

Current FEDS in other occupational series who have tried to become an 1811, but couldn't make the cut;

Wannabes who have "issues" in their background, and can't get into law enforcement; or

People who have been arrested by that agency. I'm guessing that you were arrested at some point or investigated for something.

I don't see you attacking ATF agents because of Fast and Furious.

You have not attacked any other agency except for HSI.

You are obviously misinformed about HSI too. You think that it is an illegal alien catching agency, which it is not.

You don't understand, nor do you care to know what HSI is really all about.

I feel sorry for you, you are pathetic. Get a life, and stop attacking Federal Law Enforcement officers!

Federale said...

LOL, who made that rule? You? I call them like I see them. No Code of Silence here. Especially not for the FBI wannabees at ICE HSI.

When you start arresting illegals again check on back.

Federale said...

Now you are the NHL's bitch as well:


While terrorists roam free, you are chasing down hockey jerseys.

And illegal aliens like Jessica Colotl's illegal alien parents run around free.


So don't tell me that you are replacing the frakking FBI. You can't even do your own job, much less that of the FBI.

Justice Seeker79 said...

You don't give it a rest do you? Why don't you STFU already? You sound like a little b!tch!

The FBI is a thing of the past. HSI is a brand new agency that is young and growing and expanding rapidly, and WILL eventually surpass the FBI. I have had FBI agents admit this to me themselves.

This obviously is burning you up because you know it is true.

I understand that you have a personal vendetta against HSI. Perhaps you were investigated by HSI for having kiddie porn or something.

Federale said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Good news. To an unbiased outsider who stumbled across this thread and comments, thanks to those who posted good info...it is clear Federale is a raving idiot and I, and anyone else who reads this, will understand that.

Thanks from a civilian.

Federale said...

Anonymous clearly is a ringer. An ICE agent who wants to do the FBI's job but won't do his own.

ONE said...


Federale said...

Yeah, you are correct. I am an illegal alien from Jamaica. You got me...

Anonymous said...

Federale, There is a lot of good information on your blog, except yours.

I was surprised when you said something to the effect that FBI and USMS have the broadest jurisdiction because they can investigate any federal law. Well guess what moron, Title 19 also grants HSI to investigate any federal law. However, neither HSI, FBI, nor USMS investigate every federal felony, you idiot. FBI focuses on their 300+ statutes, USMS focuses on catching fugitives and providing court security, and HSI focuses on it's 400+ statues. So do the math moron (I like to call you names since that is what you obviously like to call everyone else, moron)
HSI has the most statutes it investigates than any other agency.

HSI does do the human and drug smuggling cases on the border. Where do you get your bad information? Your toilet?

One more fact that made me realize you don't know what you are talking about is the number of agents. Go to www.ice.gov you stupid freakin idiot. There are over 6,700 special agents for HSI. So stop writing stupid freakin retarded moronic things you don't know anything about.

I don't know what you did, but you sound like a jealous retired Secret Service agent who never got into HSI like all your other buddies.

Stupid, moron, idiot...

Federale said...

6,7000 Special Agents doing nothing, except smuggling guns to Mexican cartels and getting Americans killed. Thanks for nothing moron.

If you morons are so fucking special, why is USBP and OFO presenting cases to the USAO? Because everyone knows that ICE only does bitch work for the NFL and child porn.

Justice Seeker79 said...

Yeah presenting low scale misdemeanor cases involving individual illegal aliens. HSI doesn't have time for that, they are too busy dismantling organizations and major criminal conspiracies involving multiple conspirators all over the place.

Get a clue already. We all know that you failed the HSI test or got rejected for getting caught with child porn.

Federale said...

All you do is duplicate what the DEA does and then do child porn. Illegal alien terrorists are free to do what they want. Thanks for missing this illegal alien:


You are a failure at your own job and at the FBI's job and a failure at the DEA's job.

Justice Seeker79 said...

Wrong numbnuts! HSI has more authority than DEA with drugs. If there is an international border nexus, it is HSI's baby, not DEA's.

DEA does one thing and one thing only and that is narcotics investigations. HSI does everything and has more authority than every other Federal agency including the FBI.
The FBI enforces 300 statutes, HSI enforces over 400, look it up if you don't believe me.

The sooner you accept that, the better off you will be.

Federale said...

Dumbfuck, I said ICE wants to do the DEA's job.

Oh, and have you exported any guns to Mexico lately? Caused the death of an ICE agent? Killed a BPA? Or shot your supervisor?

ICE is a useless and dysfunctional agency. The only thing ICE does is ignore illegal alien terrorists.

Justice Seeker79 said...

"Oh, and have you exported any guns to Mexico lately? Caused the death of an ICE agent? Killed a BPA? Or shot your supervisor?"

I think you have the wrong agency. ATF was responsible for the guns going to Mexico not ICE. Fast and Furious was an ATF led operation under the watch of Eric Holder's DOJ.

The ICE agent and BPA who were killed were killed as a result of the botched operation by ATF, not ICE. Get your facks straight you jealous wannabe loser.

Federale said...

Read and weep motherfucker. ICE was involved.



Feeling good about killing Americans?

ICE is fucked up.

Justice Seeker79 said...

In the article you posted, it states that the operation was led by ATF, and that ICE, DEA, and FBI had knowledge of the investigation.

Yet you only lash out at ICE, and say nothing about ATF(the MAIN agency which LED the operation), DEA, or FBI.

You made your bias toward ICE very clear and obvious. You refuse to say anything negative about the other three agencies that were involved according to the article you posted, and choose to only go after ICE.

Now I know for sure that you are a disgruntled CBP officer or Border patrol Agent who got rejected by ICE.

I guess you just weren't good enough to make the cut son.

Hey, if you can't take stamping passports or chasing wets in the desert anymore, I hear the Post Office is hiring. lol

Justice Seeker79 said...

How about this:



So let's hear it. Is FBI fucked up too?? Or will you try to sugarcoat this because you won't say anything negative about the FBI.

Federale said...

Janet says that ICE was involved, but only minimally. Which means ICE knew and is embarrassed that it got caught.


I noticed that you ignored Amine El Khalifi, another terrorist that ICE allowed to remain in the U.S. Thanks moron.

Justice Seeker79 said...

Hey Moron, I guess this one is Border Patrol's fault for failing to stop this guy from entering the country.


You failed to do your job here pal. You didn't catch this guy at the border before he can sneak in and murder a police officer.

Justice Seeker79 said...

I'm still waiting for you to acknowledge that Fast and Furious was an ATF led operation. What's the matter, cat got your tongue??

Federale said...

I noticed that you can throw shit around, but can't take responsibility.

Anonymous said...

The author of this clearly has no grasp on reality. Absolute nonsense.

The FBI is nothing more than a domestic intelligence agency. They gave up on real crimininal investigations in March 2003. This point is illustrated by the fact that HSI had more criminal prosecutions in federal court than the FBI and DEA.

Federale said...

You are the stupidest person in the world. Probably an HSI agent.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Surfing the web and Just came across this. I am not sure who this Federale moron is...but Damn. I have never seen anything more idiotic every written in regard to the FBI, or HSI, or ICE. I seriously doubt that federale is anywhere involved in law enforcement. The way he/she explains things makes it appear as though he/she is an unhappy co-op from some public school somewhere and is piecing together bits and pieces of information from some horribly disgruntled people... Just sad. I hope no one reads this and takes anything he/she says as being anywhere close to correct.

Federale said...

You are probably some idiot ICE HSI agent who hasn't arrested an illegal alien in years. Do you even know how to process an alien for removal? Unlikely. 20 million illegal aliens and you guys are pursuing child porn cases. Try actually doing your job for once.

Oh, and just who are you? Put up or shut up.

Anonymous said...

Couple of things:
First, the fbi can and does work immigration violations. We dont need hsi to help, so that was rude and incorrect.

Second, hsi taking over the missions of the fbi is probably the funniest thing of this whole blog. Sorry, i dont mean to offend anyone, but that just wont happen. I work on the border and know the real deal. The fbi is on a whole different level, which is why they dont are about any of the garbage you guys are arguing about.

Fbi agents are selfless servive agents who are extremely dedicated to keeping people safe. So complain to each other all you guys want but the fbi is and will be the most trusted most reliable federal agency.

Anonymous said...

Federale, I would really like to know where your from so you and I can meet face to face. Someone needs to stick a boot up your ass. Not sure if you are with the FBI or USMS or just disgruntled, but I am currently with the agency that wears the suits, and I will say the FBI does not have the authority the DHS/ICE/HSI has. The FBI used to have the broadest authority, but times have changed. HSI is becoming the lead investigative agency and everyone at the Bureau with their big egos need to wake up and just learn to play nice with others.

Federale Federale said...

Really, that doesn't surprise me. HSI agents are really the dumbfuckest agents in the Federal government, because you know an FBI agent is smart enough not to make public threats. Enjoy your conversation with DHS OIG or ICE OPR, shithead.

Unknown said...

Why are people on hear going back and forth with this dumb ass. If his stupid ass want to believe his own lie than let him believe it.

Get it right said...

You sound dumb as hell

Get it right said...

Why are people on hear going back and forth with this dumb ass. If his stupid ass want to believe his own lie than let him believe it.

Federale Federale said...

Did you just cut and paste the comments from another person? Makes you the dumbest person on this comment thread.