Saturday, June 19, 2010

More Obama Amnesty

An illegal alien got arrested, a fraudster by the way who, just like Auntie Zeituni, submitted a fraudulent asylum claim, got denied, then got into a fraudulent marriage to avoid deportation.

A woman who wrote President Barack Obama, asking for help resolving her husband's immigration problem got a response she didn't expect: Federal agents turned up at her New York City home and took her husband to jail.

Officials tell The New York Times that Caroline Jamieson's letter to the president was mistakenly forwarded to an immigration fugitive unit. After the newspaper inquired about the case, the man, Herve Fonkou Takoulo, was released.

Takoulo is an engineer from Cameroon. He came to the U.S. legally, but was ordered to leave when a judge rejected his application for political asylum. Now he has a second green card application pending based on his 2005 marriage to Jamieson.

So, it now appears that when an illegal alien's story gets in the newspapers, that person then gets released. That is the Obama Amnesty, get your name in the newspaper, then get released.

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