Monday, June 28, 2010

The New Oppressed Immigrant

The gangbanger. Ostensively this is about the immigrant who did not want to join a gang, but, in reality, it is about giving asylum and green cards to the gangbanger. As I said before, this is not about protecting the victim of gang violence, but about bringing more gangbangers to America. Of course Benito Zaldivar would be alive if his parents had not abandoned him. But no one wants to mention that:

The gang was more aggressive with him than with his friends, Mr. Zaldívar declared in the statement. “I think it was because the gang members knew I didn’t have a big family to take care of me,” he said.
Yeah, his family abandoned him to come illegally to the U.S.

I no more believe Nelson Ramos has left MS-13 than I believe Alex Sanchez left MS-13. But in any event, it is insane to claim as Judge Posner does that crime victims, former criminals and criminals qualify as a "particular social group" because that referred only to the bourgeoisie fleeing Communism, not criminals, former criminals, or potential crime victims.

But of course, the issue isn't just criminals or crime victims, it is really opening the floodgates to immigration from third world countries so they can vote Demoncrat. The advocates themselves admit that Central America is overun with crime and it is not just young males who are potential beneficiaries of asylum for criminals and victims.

“Gang violence and crime in El Salvador appear to be widespread, and the risk of harm is not limited to young males who have resisted recruitment,” the board found. The udges created several legal hurdles for asylum seekers fleeing gangs, requiring them to prove that they are part of a “particular social group” that is widely recognized in their home society as being under attack, something like a persecuted ethnic minority.

“The law has been kind of ripped apart,” said Deborah Anker, a law professor and director of the Immigration and Refugee Clinical Program at Harvard. “Requirements have been imposed that make no sense in terms of prior jurisprudence and are impossible to interpret.”

The real goal is unlimited immigration to the U.S. They claim it is a misinterpretation of the law to keep out gangbangers and crime victims, but they present no evidence of that. There is nothing in the record of the 1980 Act that passed as a result of Jimmy Carter sending two Russian sailors who jumped ship back to the Gulag. They weren't thinking of giving a green card to everyone who claimed they could be a victim of crime.

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