Tuesday, June 1, 2010

No Surprise Here

An Aeormexico flight from Paris (Is there a busboy shortage?) to Mexico City was denied overflight rights to the United States by the Transportation Security Administration because a man on the No-Fly List was on the flight. The flight was forced to land in Montreal and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police removed the passenger. The man has been declared inadmissible by Canadian Border Services Agency and placed in custody pending deportation proceedings.

Further information was released that identified the suspicious person, Abdirahman Ali Gaall, a Somali national. He is reported to be a member of Al Shabaab, the Somali Al Queda affiliate terrorist group. Here is the kicker, Gaall is a legal permanent resident of the United States. He holds a green card. The United States gave a green card to another Muslim terrorist. He is also apparently the subject of the terror lookout on the Mexican border announced earlier in May.

Gaall appears to be well known to U.S. and Canadian intelligence agencies and they knew he was coming back to the U.S. probably from Somalia. The problem is what will be done with him. He is in Canadian custody and in removal proceedings. Will he claim political asylum in Canada? Quite likely as Canada still hasn't deported most American soldiers who fled to Canada during the Iraq War and Gaall will likely claim the likelihood of torture, mistreatment, or criminal prosecution in the U.S.

The other scenario is that he is just deported to the U.S. over the land border. That is the crux of the case, as Gaall was going to Mexico so he could return to the U.S. as he obviously knew he was on the No-Fly List and could not fly here, but the No-Fly List does not mean you are on the No-Enter-The-U.S. List. As a legal permanent resident, he can re-enter the U.S. with little problem, unless he has a criminal conviction or there is solid admissible evidence of involvement in terrorism, not just vague intelligence of his involvement.

Which leads us to the fact that the U.S. continues to not screen immigrants for threats to the U.S. It appears Gaall married an American citizen to get residence. Whether it was a Jihad Jane, an anchor baby, a naturalized Somali refugee or other Muslim immigrant, it exposes the glaring weakness of American immigration policy, we do not investigate or screen seriously immigrants to the U.S. Just look at Faizal Shahzad, another Muslim fanatic who got a green card by marriage to an American citizen, herself a Muslim anchor baby. American immigration law identifies Nazis by name and other totalitarian ideologies as reasons to exclude aliens, but except for the Nazi part, we continue to allow former and current communists into the U.S. But more importantly we make no effort to exclude the most vicious and long-live totalitarian ideologues out of the United States, Muslims. Islam is a religion of war, oppression, terrorism, rapine, and murder; but we allow Muslims to enter and remain in the U.S. unmolested.

And that is what appears will happen to Gaall. Nothing. His likely deportation from Canada to the U.S. will result in no consequence for Gaall. If we had the goods on him, an arrest warrant would have been issued, not a "terrorist" alert. If we know he is a terrorist, an alert is superfluous. An arrest warrant is what is needed. Since none was issued before he left Somalia, and none issued since the Canadians took him into custody, it appears that we will soon be allowing another Muslim terrorist to enter the U.S.

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