Monday, June 14, 2010

The Return Of Catch And Release

ICE again has decided that it will work for amnesty rather than arresting and deporting illegal aliens. They arrested another illegal alien student, just like Jessical Coltol, and released him. Eric Balderas is an illegal alien, illegally in the U.S. and illegally attending university in the U.S. without an F-1 student visa.

But while ICE not doing their job is quite common, we have some other problems:

Balderas said he had lost his Mexican passport and tried to board the flight
using a consular card from the Mexican government and his Harvard
identification. Instead, he said, airport security called immigration officials,
who handcuffed and fingerprinted him and detained him for five hours before
letting him go.

He apparently had no problems previously in the past boarding planes with only a passport, but without a visa or evidence of lawful admission as either an immigrant or non-immigrant. ICE was notified, but he was quickly released. Quite unusual for San Antonio where arrested Mexicans are quickly returned to Mexico. It appears that ICE is not concerned about keeping criminals off commercial aircraft and TSA appears to be quite fine with illegal aliens filling up seats on airplanes. Sort of like the illegal aliens who flew planes into buildings on 9/11. So, here we have it, TSA and ICE, both part of the Department of Homeland Security apparently unconcerned about illegal aliens on aircraft. Just what are we paying TSA screeners and ICE agents to do? Not arrest illegal aliens and let them on aircraft? I though protecting critical infrastructure was part of ICE's job. And just how did Balderas get on a plane to Harvard without his matricula and student ID? Were they not seized by ICE as evidence? Just what are we paying ICE for? Not to do their jobs? It is clear that ICE is under instructions from the Obama Regime to have as many illegals here for the upcoming amnesty.

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