Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wasteful Government Spending

Crazed ideologes at the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division recently wasted thousands of dollars prosecuting a company for refusing to hire an alien.

When the Department of Justice puts out a press release about a local employer getting penalized over immigration issues, it's usually because the company has been hiring illegal aliens.

Not so with Sugar Land's Aquatico Pool Managment: The DOJ announced today they had reached a settlement with the company over complaints Aquatico did not hire an immigrant.

​The prospective employee apllied for a job with "a valid, DHS-issued permanent resident card," the DOJ says, but still was turned down.

"Because he also presented a Social Security card with the notation 'valid for work only with DHS authorization,' Aquatico withdrew its offer of employment," the agency said.

And for that they shall pay!! Aquatico, that is.

The company agreed to pay almost $1,600 in civil penalties and back pay to Anthony Ernest Gobran, a Sudanese immigrant, and to have its human-resources people undergo training on just which immigrants are good to hire.

"The [Immigration and Naturalization Act]'s anti-discrimination provision means that all individuals authorized to work in the United States have the right to seek employment without the added burden of special rules or document demands based on their citizenship status or national origin, " Thomas E. Perez, assistant attorney general for Civil Rights, said in the announcement. "This settlement represents our ongoing commitment to work with all employers, large or small, to ensure compliance with the anti-discrimination requirements of federal immigration law."

And the result of this thousands of dollars? An order to the company to pay the alien $1,600.00. This after the DOJ CRD took the time to review the complaint, assign an attorney, who lives and works in the DC area, pay the travel and per diem costs of sending that attorney to Houston to file the charges, incure the costs of hours in federal court, taking up the time of judges, court officials, potential jurors, etc.

All at a time when United States Attorneys Offices (USAO) routinely decline any case where there is a loss of less than hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most civil cases presented by federal agencies to USAOs are declined due to overworked offices, low dollar value of cases, and lack of any significant prosecutorial merit. How could a $1,600.00 loss of wages be of any interest to the Department of Justice? Especially since the Civil Rights Division routinely declines to take cases of racial discrimination against whites? Why here is the crux of the matter, the victim is a Sudanese immigrant. The DOJ CRD declined to investigate this case of an Indian company openly stating that it will only hire Indian nationals. Resourcesoft apparently can discriminate against whites and non-Indians, but the DOJ will spend tens of thousands on a case involving a small company that does not understand DOJ and DHS rules on hiring documents. And lets not talk about the shortage of DOJ resources in prosecuting real crime? Remember Hawaiian Gardens? DOJ allowed racial cleansing and murder to run rampant there for years before prosecuting. And it let the New Black Panthers run rampant in Philidephia. Seeing any double standard here?

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