Sunday, July 11, 2010

Black Man Murdered

But by other blacks, so no demonstrations planned, no expressions of outrage by minor celebrities, no pronouncements by local black elected officials, no lawsuits filed by ambulance chasing black attorneys, no riots, no looting, no nothing. Just another night in O-town. It appears that black people don't care about murdered black men unless that black man happens to be killed by a white cop. So why is it that blacks care alot about black men killed by white cops and not about black men killed, in greater numbers, by other black men? Is it the inherent racism of black people? Do black people not care about intra-racial murders? Is killing black men a privilege of black men, but not white cops? Inquiring minds want to know. The communist mayor of Oakland Ron Dellums, was so proud of Oaklanders when they rioted over the Oscar Grant verdict, he thought Oaklanders were coming together and expressing outrage, but he has no comment on another black man dead at the hands of another black man. Why no demand for outrage? Shouldn't Oaklanders be expressing outrage at another black man killed? Clearly black people only care if it is a white man doing the killing, otherwise they just don't care.

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