Thursday, July 15, 2010

Communist Terrorists Upset

Upset because the the City of Oakland may try and seek civil damages from the rioters who terrorized Oakland recently. Their Red attorney, Dan Seigel, is spitting mad that his clients might be held liable for more than just their criminal activity, but also for the damages from that criminal activity.

Oakland police released photos today and asked for the public's help in
identifying people who engaged in looting and vandalism during last week's
downtown protest over the involuntary-manslaughter verdict of a former BART
police officer in the fatal shooting of an unarmed rider.

The people in
the photos are "involved criminal activity" and could face arrest and
prosecution, said Officer Jeff Thomason, a police spokesman.

So, on the agenda is the arrest and prosecution of looters who trashed many small businesses in downtown Oakland?

But the most interesting observation of the Oakland riot was that the white communists spent most of their time fighting the police and got arrested for it. Just see Seigel's clients, all white commies, probably from Berkeley or San Francisco. While a perusal of the looter specific photographs show mostly blacks. They even have a photograph of a Ron Dellums look-alike running out of the downtown Footlocker with a few boxes of shoes.

It appears that for the moment the City of Oakland is not playing the game most rioters expected; wrist slaps or dropped charges. Nor was anyone expecting the OPD to go after the looters. Time will tell if the policy is actually aggressively pursued or quietly vetoed by the Red Oakland Mayor and City Council, or that Nancy O'Malley, Alameda County District Attorney, has the cojones to prosecute black looters during an election year.

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