Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Eastasia Has Always Been At War With Eurasia

Islam is a religion of peace. But Indonesia continues its war on Christianity, churches burned or closed, Christians attacked in the streets and in their homes. (h/t Jihad Watch) As does Pakistan, murder most foul.

From January to July, there were 28 cases of religious freedom violations
by “intolerant groups targeting Christians,” up from 17 for the whole of 2008
and 18 in 2009, the Setara Institute for Democracy and Peace said in a
report.Based on reports by churches and the media, the violations — mostly by
radical Muslim groups — include forced closure of churches, revocation and
delays in issuing building permits, and attacks such as torching and damaging
churches, the institute said.“These incidents are a breach of law and human
rights. The President and the government have been very silent on this matter
and have not provided enough protection to citizens,” Setara’s deputy chief
Bonar Tigor Naipospos said.“The attackers have become bolder as law enforcement
is weak. We can’t let the incidents continue as peace in the country will be
jeopardized,” he added.The attacks, which mostly took place in Jakarta and West
Java province, have made Christians “scared and anxious,” said Parasian
Hutasoit, spokesman for Huria Christian Protestant Batak Church Filadelfia.His
church in Bekasi, an outer suburb of Jakarta, was forced to close in January
after Muslim residents held protests there, saying it was built illegally.“More
than a hundred came to the church and demanded we shut down. We felt intimidated and discriminated against. We just want a place to practise our faith in peace,”
he said.

Someone should call Hugh Hewitt and ask him what is up. Indonesia is supposed to be a "moderate" Islamist country. Only those stupid Arabs believe in sharia according to Hewitt. Hewitt claims he is a Christian, but he never talks about persecution of Christians in Muslim countries. He likes handing out band-aids in Burma and food in Haiti, but there is nothing on his show for the maryters of the Faith in Islamic lands. It appears that Hewitt's Christianity is limited to the Social Gospel, sort of like Obama.

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