Wednesday, July 7, 2010

ICE Falls Down On The Job

Terrorist Abdirahman Ali Gaal, late of Canada, has been released.

A Somali man removed from a May 30 TransAtlantic flight because he is on a
terrorism watch list has been granted parole and will be allowed to join family
members in Seattle, his lawyer said yesterday.

Abdirahman Ali Gaal, who lived in Toronto in 2008 and sought refugee status in Canada, had been detained since his removal from an Aeromexico flight from Paris to Mexico City that was diverted to Montreal. Mr. Gaal was promptly handed over to U.S. authorities.

He is now free to wander the United States and engage in any terrorist activity he desires.

At the time, a United States counterterrorism official said inclusion on the
U.S. no-fly list means an individual has “the capability, the training and the
know-how to do considerable damage.”

Immigration and Customs Enforcement, who claims that they are too busy to arrest and detain regular illegal aliens presented to them by the State of Arizona because they are so busy with terrorist cases was apparently unable to build a case against Gaal. His connection to terrorism is quite open: Unemployed, extensive international travel, studying Arabic in a foreign country, no source of income other than his wife's welfare check:

In an interview with the National Post last month while he was in custody in
Plattsburgh, N.Y., Mr. Gaal said he had recently attracted the attention of both
the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Canadian Security Intelligence
Service. He said FBI agents in Mauritania, where he travelled this year to study
Arabic, questioned him about a Canadian member of an al-Qaeda-linked militant
group in Somalia.

So, ICE cannot make a case against a know terrorist and is unwilling to arrest illegal aliens living openly in the U.S. Just what purpose does ICE serve? Apparenlty ablsolutely none. They either can't or won't do the job their employees are paid to do. What a collection of useless bureaucrats. Which is no surprise, as most of the ICE management team consists of attorneys rather than cops. No law enforcement agency is very useful if it is top-heavy with attorneys who have never made an arrest in their lives.

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