Monday, July 19, 2010

Illegal Alien Students

The Fort Hancock Independent School District is over-run with illegal aliens: (h/t Patterico's Pontifications)

This year, the tiny school district has seen its student population grow more
than 10percent. Fifty-four of the 63 new students are from Mexico, Franco

The press claims it is because of the drug war, but the facts of the story seem a bit strange:

When he was a little boy, Jose Franco would ride his bicycle across the border
into El Porvenir to play with friends. Now, as superintendent of the 540-student
Fort Hancock Independent School District, he sees young boys and
girls who come from El Porvenir so traumatized they can't stand being in the same room with other children

Wow, that is traumatized. But hardly believable, if that were true, then they would have classrooms of only one child each. I am certain that they are in the same room as other children and doing quite well.

What is really the case is that illegal aliens are seeking free benefits and superior schooling for free from American taxpayers.

They come to his schools years behind academically, shredded emotionally from
what they've seen, what they still see in their minds every day. The children
imagine horrors befalling their uncles, their fathers, their sisters, those who
can't come join them on the other side, Franco says.
He met with state officials to coordinate social services for the new
students, and he hired a special teacher to help immerse them in
their new language and academic culture
. The district has also
hired its own security, a constable who patrols the small campus.

"I have a very compassionate staff," Franco says, "and they pretty much do whatever it takes to help these children."

And with the connivance of Customs and Border Protection:

The students are among dozens who call Fort Hancock their new home - at least
part of the time. When the sun sets, a steady stream of cars make their way
across the two-lane international bridge that joins El Porvenir and Fort
Hancock, says Hudspeth County Deputy Sheriff Keith Hughes.

It appears that these illegal aliens are using Border Crossing Cards to live in the U.S. in violation of the law. And in such a small town I am certain the CBP Port Director and the officers assigned to the inspection of arriving aliens know what is going on. Shouldn't the government of Mexico be doing whatever it takes?

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