Sunday, July 4, 2010

More Corruption On The Border

Apparently Customs and Border Protection, the agency charged with protecting America's borders from illegal aliens does not know their job. (h/t Gateway Pundit) Mexican citizens and residents in Palomas, Mexico are being bused across the U.S.-Mexico border in government school buses and receiving free public K-12 education in Columbus, New Mexico.

Many families in Palomas, Mexico choose to send their children to Deming Public School District. Regardless of citizenship, these Palomas students are ineligible for Deming Public School education as they live out of the district and are not supporting the school through taxes. In 1996, The Albuquerque Journal noted that students residing in Mexico have been educated in the United States for free for over 40 years.

Judicial Watch investigated this matter of “free” education. For school year 2008-2009, 506 students were transported from the Port of Entry to Deming Public Schools (and this number has been increasing for the past three years).

Of course, this is no surprise given that Governor Bill Richardson is a Mexican and supporter of criminal activity by Mexicans. But what should not be happening is that the CBP Port Director of the Columbus Port-of-Entry, where persons apply to enter the U.S. are inspected, allows this to happen in violation of federal law.

Typically, the students cross the border where a public school bus waits for them and then transports them 30 miles to the schools in Deming.

This is a clear violation of federal immigration law; no alien other than a legal permanent resident, aslyee, or refugee, may attend public schools, even with an F-1 student visa, except for those in the L-2 and H-4 visa category of non-immigrants. Obviously none of these Mexicans have those visas. They have a B-1/B-2 Visa Border Crossing Card, commonly called the Laser Visa. This is a visa for visits for business and pleasure, not for attending schools, much less attending public schools.

Call Charles Wright, the Port Director at:

General Phone: (575) 531-2686
General Fax: (575) 531-2689

Ask him if Mexican citizens can attend U.S. public schools at taxpayer expense on non-immigrant visas.

Also call the Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General (DHS OIG) to report this illegal activity by the Port Director at the DHS OIG El Paso Field Office:

Telephone: (915) 629-1800
Fax: (915) 594-1330

You can also contact CBP Internal Affairs in care of:

James F. Tomsheck
Assistant Commissioner
(202) 344-1800

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