Saturday, July 24, 2010

More ICE Non-feasance

Twenty or so illegal aliens were arrested on Capitol Hill this week. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Washington Field Office which is staffed by hundreds of Special Agents earning over $130,000 a year and Deportation Officers earning slightly less per year did nothing. Even though ICE knew the arrestees were illegal ICE spokeswoman Gillian Brigham said that the illegals were not referred to ICE.

“None of them have been referred to ICE,’’ said Gillian Brigham, spokeswoman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. “Our focus is on smart immigration enforcement that focuses first on criminal aliens and people who post the greatest threat to the communities.’’

So, if they were not referred, why did not ICE use its initiative and seek out and arrest the illegals? Well, because ICE does not want to arrest illegal aliens. If it arrested more illegals, then there would be fewer here for the upcoming amnesty.

Brigham said that ICE doesn’t necessary take action against every illegal immigrant they learn about because of the need to spend resources wisely. When someone is taken into ICE custody it cost money and manpower, she said, to detain them, hold immigration court proceedings and deport them.

It difficult to believe that ICE did not have the resources to arrest those 20 odd illegal aliens. As I said before, there are hundreds of ICE Special Agents and Deportation Officers in the Washington Field Office. It would have taken only a few hours to process the illegals and, since the illegals have no legal recourse to remain, they could have been deported quite quickly, especially if they were held in custody. I bet if they checked the internet usage of all the ICE agents and officers in the Washington Field Office they would find some were not very busy that day at all. Nor does ICE have such a detailed knowledge of its finances to claim that they have enough money to arrest one illegal but not a different illegal. If ICE had enough money to arrest and deport a criminal alien, did they that day arrest 20 criminal illegal aliens in the Washington area? Not likely. In fact, ICE is spending more money to deport fewer illegals each year. ICE's budget went up this year but will deport fewer illegals.

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