Thursday, July 8, 2010

More Live Blogging The Oakland Riot

John Burris, local agitator and so-called lawyer, is threatening violence, demanding that Mehserle be sentenced to life in prison. An attorney, he is stating that he "does not accept the verdict." Very strange for an alleged attorney given that Mehserle cannot be sentenced to life in prison. Very strange for an officer of the court to not accept a court decision. He is also threatening violence in a very sophisticated way if Mehserle does not get a prison sentence. I wonder where Burris was when OJ got exonerated in the murder of two white people? Obviously he did not care when white people are murdered and no justice was served. Perhaps he should be disbarred. White people did not riot or even threaten a riot. Which shows the enormous gulf in this world between the behavior of whites and those of blacks.

The local NBC affiliate is agitating; claiming that the decision of the jury happened too quickly.

Another station interviewed a fat ugly lesbian who claimed the verdict was unjust and that all the evidence pointed to 1st degree murder. She then claimed that voluntary manslaughter was also acceptable. Stupid fat lesbian doesn't know the difference between the two.

The affirmative action police chief of Oakland is preening in his BDUs along with his affirmative action subordinates. None of whom have made many arrests.

Interestingly enough the mayor and the police are claiming that they are protecting the 1st Amendment rights of the rioters. Strange that there is no parade or demonstration permit for any of this. In Detroit an Arab police chief had Christians arrested for daring to distribute religious literature without a permit. Is this another double standard. Christians and whites need permits, black rioters don't.

Oh, and the communist mayor of Oakland, Ron Dellums, is dressed like he is going to a night club; not even wearing a tie.

Sad to see the Blue Meanies have gone from light blue jumpsuits to dark BDUs; they look like every other California law enforcement agency.

Ron Dellums is now announced that the racists at the Department of Justice led by King Shabaz who wants to kill all white people and Eric Holder are contemplating charging Mehserle federally.

More evidence that white people are second class citizens. Why wasn't OJ charged with civil rights violations? Because he was black.

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