Friday, July 16, 2010

Pimp Daddy Mayor

Gets free legal assistance, despite his hidden millions.

Kilpatrick said he could not afford an attorney and was assigned a federal
public defender.

The Federal Defender’s Office chose James Thomas to
defend the former mayor.

Thomas appeared in court with Kilpatrick today
and has represented Kilpatrick in Wayne County Circuit Court since he was
charged with multiple felonies stemming from his role in the text message

Earlier today, Thomas said he expected to be assigned the case,
though with taxpayers footing the bill rather than Kilpatrick or groups
connected to him.

“This case has got a lot of history,” Thomas said of
the felony tax and fraud charges. “I have a complete file cabinet full of
material. A new lawyer is going to have to go through that material and a year
of wiretaps.”

Funny, the Pimp Daddy Mayor could afford a private attorney for his State charges, but suddenly has no money when facing Federal charges. And instead of your typical lazy Federal Public Defender, they specialize in plea deals, the Pimp Daddy Mayor gets an expensive private attorney who will fight to the last taxpayer dollar in defending the Pimp Daddy Mayor. One more reason to burn Earl Warren in effigy.

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