Monday, July 12, 2010

The Pointlessness Of Legalization

One of the reasons the left demand amnesty for illegal aliens is that there is a shortage of labor in agriculture. They even have a special amnesty planned for agricultural workers, AgJobs:

AgJOBS would provide a legal, stable labor supply and help ensure that
farmworkers are treated fairly.

AgJOBS contains two main parts:

(1) an “earned legalization” program enabling many undocumented
farmworkers and H-2A guestworkers to earn a “blue card” temporary immigration
status with the possibility of becoming permanent residents of the U.S. by
continuing to work in agriculture and by meeting additional requirements; and

(2) revisions to the existing H-2A temporary foreign agricultural worker

However, in reality, once illegal aliens get any status they leave agricultural work, so any amnesty will result in those amnestied workers leaving agricultural work and forever continue the demand for illegal alien workers and other temporary immigrant workers who keep wages down and supply a population of either illegal or soon to be illegal workers who later exist as the argument to "legalize" another new population of illegal aliens.

Proof positive is a recent NYT article about the policy of the Obama Regime not to arrest illegal aliens, but just force employers to fire the illegal workers. One of the workers who was interviewed was legalized, and she obviously was a former employee of Gebbers Farms.

“Show me one American —just one — climbing a picker’s ladder,” said MarĂ­a
Cervantes, 33, a former Gebbers Farms worker from Mexico who gave her name
because she was recently approved as a legal immigrant.

She got legalized, and the first thing she did was leave her agricultural job. That is what legalization does, it drys up the supply of workers, necessitating the importation of more illegal aliens to replace the once illegal workers. That is what happened after the 1986 amnesty and that is what will happen after the Obama Amnesty. There is no incentive to work when you are legalized; you can go on welfare or get a better job that field work. So AgJobs and the Obama Amnesty are just boob bait for bubbas. A bait and switch that will result in the need for another amnesty a few years after the latest.

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