Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Political Asylum: Immigration By Fraud

Political asylum, designed for refugees from the Iron Curtian, has descended to another fraudulent immigrant catagory. Homosexuals from Brazil and Mexico, gangbangers from El Salvador, now we have aliens claiming asylum from Russia, but who are citizens of Georgia and entered the U.S. from Georgia.

A few years ago, tensions began growing between Russia, where Boryuk was from,
and the former Soviet Republic of Georgia, where
Surguladze had come from. Russia began deporting Georgians in 2006 along with
imposing other sanctions, followed by Georgia reciprocating, Boryuk said, and in
August 2008, the two countries went to war over the territories of South Ossetia
and Abkhazia.

By then, Surguladze and Boryuk, now with three children,
had settled in Coralville, opening their own business, Green Way Landscaping.
Whether they get to remain in the town where they established a growing business
and friendships remains to be seen.

"If the judge says no, it means we
sell everything and we go, I don't know where," Boryuk said, referring to the
family's upcoming hearing for asylum in January.

Life had been good for
the growing family in Moscow, they said. Both having earned advanced college
degrees, Surguladze had been working as an engineer, while Boryuk had a good job
with an Italian company. He had obtained dual
Russian-Georgian citizenship.

However, as
tensions grew between their native countries, the family began looking for a way
out, and in October 2006, they applied for political asylum at the United States
Embassy in Moscow.

She said they were told they would have to travel to
the United States and apply in person with the State Department. [sic.

However, the morons at the Department of State then issued these two fraudsters tourist visas:

After a three-month stay in Georgia and obtaining a tourist visa from the United
States, they came to Iowa in December 2007, staying with a friend of Surguladze's.

They even admit that they are not refugees, but economic migrants:

"We know that America is the best country for immigration," Boryuk said. "We
know for many years."

We truely have a government run by morons.

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