Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Stupid Flatfoot

Blacks War-on-Asians has taken a turn, expanding to Hispanics and homosexuals. Staten Island is aflame with hate crimes committed by blacks.

A gay couple who innocently made a late-night stop at a White Castle in Staten Island was among the latest in a
skyrocketing number of hate crime victims in the city.
The number of bias
attacks has ballooned from 111 to 200 through July 11 - an 80% surge from the
same time period in 2009. A pocket of Port Richmond has been ground zero for such
attacks, with six Mexican immigrants beaten there in separate incidents since
For married couple Luis and Richard Vieira, the attack on July 7 began with a
homophobic slur.
"He looked at Luis and said, 'What the f--- are you looking
at, f-----?'" recalled Richard Vieira, 39.

A teen punched Luis in the
back of the head. The couple, married two years ago in Massachusetts, stormed into the parking lot of the Stapleton fast-food joint to confront the
foul-mouthed brute. Suddenly, they found themselves surrounded by more than a
dozen teens.
Luis dashed back inside the White Castle, but Richard was
knocked to the ground and pummeled.

"I was left unconscious," said
Richard, his face still bearing the bruises and cuts he suffered. "This is our
home ...nothing bad has ever happened to us until that night."

In the
120th Precinct, which includes Stapleton and Port Richmond, the number of
reported hate crimes has jumped from two to 13. Mexican immigrants are the most
frequent victims.
The attacks, which many locals attribute to long-simmering
tensions between the black and Latino residents of Port Richmond, have terrified
many of the area's immigrants.

However, the prize for idiocy goes to Inspector Michael Osgood of the NYPD who hasn't a clue about the problem:

"Hate crimes are down 60% over the last 17 years," said Inspector Michael Osgood, head of the NYPD's Hate Crimes Unit. "For this increase, there
does not appear to be a root cause and underlying theme."

Except for the perpetrators, but that would be racist to mention the black war-on-everyone else.

Of course, the U.S. Department of Justice is doing nothing except holding hands.

Justice Department and NYPD officials also held two town hall meetings in Port
Richmond last week to reassure jittery residents.

Now, if the perpetrators were white, the FBI and the Civil Rights Division would have rolled in like oranges and not stopped until they had their men. But that is not operative when the perpetrators are black. More double standards at the DOJ regarding black-on-whovever crime a la the New Black Panthers Party voter intimidation case.

Of course, there is the immigrant angle, such as Alejandro who hasn't learned English despite being here 13 years, nor his daughter, who refuses to learn English.

"It's racism. Even though all the people who are against us deny it, you
can see that it's totally racism because they didn't steal anything. Treating us
like we are a game just to have fun, that's not fair," said Genoveva Galindo,
the victim's daughter, through an interpreter.

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