Friday, July 16, 2010

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

The lying traitorous Iroquois Indians who intimidated Hillary Clintong into recognizing their bogus passports from the Iroquois "Confederacy" were slapped down by the Brits, who obviously recognized these fake passports for what they were, and they refused to issue visas to the bunch of traitors and stated in so many words that the passports were as fake as the nation that issued them.

But the players received a letter from British officials, reaffirming that they would not be issued travel visas based on their Iroquois documents.

As I said before, they are treacherous viper's nest in our body politic and they confirmed that themselves:

Members of the team have been offered passports by the U.S. and Canada, but they say they will only use papers issued by the confederacy, a centuries-old league of semiautonomous Indian nations whose residents mostly live now in New York, Ontario and Quebec.

To do otherwise, they said, would be denying their own ancestry and citizenship in Indian nations that predate the foundation of the U.S. by centuries.

Of course, they are not rejecting their food stamps, welfare, university loans, and other U.S. taxpayer monies, but they certainly hate America as much as Hillary! and Barak Hussein Obama.

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