Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Travesty Of Justice: Mini Live Blog

Johannes Mehserle was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting of the thug Oscar Grant. The Alameda County District Attorney tried to charge Mehserle with 1st degree murder, claiming that Mehserle intended to shot Grant. It was clearly a error with Mehserle thinking he was drawing and firing his Taser. The video that the prosecution presented clearly showed that after the one shot was fired, Mehserle was shocked and stunned. Most evidence of the bias against Mehserle is that he was taken into custody after the verdict came it. This is unprecedented in such a case. Mehserle obviously has no previous arrests or convictions and was not a flight risk. It is clear he was taken into custody only because of the violence and threats of violence by black rioters that were threatening violence before the verdict and are rioting as this is written. Black thugs have shut down streets and have attacked police officers already. The local television stations are repeatedly claiming all is peaceful while they show video of police cars pelted with rocks. Of course washed up black actors are claiming that Grant was murdered and BART covered the murder up. Just how this alleged cover-up happened one does not know since a jury rejected the murder charge. And Grants many relatives have come out of the woodwork demanding more money despite the fact that Grant's girlfriend has settle with BART in the name of Grant's daughter. Note that Grant's mother had him out of wedlock and Grant was the father of a bastard as well. He was also a small time hood with his baby mama living off welfare until she got a $1 million from BART. Of course his mother and loudmouthed uncle who had little to do with him while he was alive are demanding cash payments as well.

Mehserle committed no crime and and the shooting was nothing but an accident based on the fact that he was trained to shot his Taser with the same hand that is used to shoot his pistol. Usually police officers are taught to use the Taser with the opposite hand that is used with the Taser. An accident, nothing more.

Worst of all the local TV stations are interviewing every moron they meet on the street, including the ugly lesbian running for mayor of Oakland who refuses to accept the verdict and demanding more "justice." One moron interviewed was nonplussed when asked about the jury decision and was flummoxed by the fact that Mehserle was found guilty. And the city is paying for a concert and poetry reading to accompany the riot. One buffoon is demanding an federal and U.N. investigation but then says he does not trust any investigation. Of course, he is non-white, Asian as a matter of fact.

What this tells us is that minorities and homosexuals just hate white people and will use any excuse to riot. They are all concerned about the small-time hood Oscar Grant who would be alive today if he was not fighting on a BART train and the police. You reap what you sow, so all should know that it was just a matter of time before Oscar Grant died violently. Black men are murdered by other black men almost daily in Oakland, but no one demonstrates or riots over their deaths, they just have a drive-by on the funeral to kill more black men.

Updates on the riot later.

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