Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Who Else Is A Viper At Our Breast?

Hillary Clintong, paid agent of the Red Chinese. As I suspected, the Department of State, at the direction of the Hillary!, has allowed the treacherous Iroquois Confederacy members to travel in and out of the United States using fake passports, fake because the Iroquois Confederacy is not a nation, the Iroquois Confederacy is made up of American citizens. But like the Iroquois, Hillary is an alien, much like Barak Hussein Obama, alienated from the principles that make up America.

The U.S. government, at Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton's behest,
agreed to allow a Native American lacrosse team to travel to England for a world
championship competition under passports issued by the Iroquois Confederacy.

Clinton determined that the Iroquois team members did not need U.S.
passports to make the trip and granted the players a "one-time-only waiver" to
travel on their Iroquois Confederation passports, said State Department
spokesman P.J. Crowley. The team members regard U.S. government-issued documents
as an attack on their identity.

Asked why the department had dropped its
opposition, he said, "There was flexibility there to grant this kind of one-time
waiver given the unique circumstances of this particular trip."

Apparently the traitor Louise Slaughter was involved as well, and also apparently alienated from America as well.

"I am relieved that this bureaucratic technicality has been papered over and
these young men can go and do what they have trained to do: play lacrosse and
compete on the international scene," Rep. Louise Slaughter, D-N.Y., said

Apparently passports are a "bureaucratic technicality" similar to what illegal aliens encounter, not "technically" being authorized to enter and remain in the United States, and also not having the "technical" passports, visas and green cards.

And I am certain that "flexibility" means a voting block, much like Puerto Rican terrorists. But if an American passport is not acceptable, why are they allowed to vote in American elections?

But what of next time? Will there be another one-time only exemption, just like the 1986 Amnesty was supposed to be one-time?

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