Monday, July 26, 2010

Why We Are Doomed

Crazy pagan leftist whites worship bees, not God. Undoubtedly these pagans have few or no children, support crazed Jihadi immigration and think that everyone should work for the government.

Twenty-seven pinwheels now stand at the base of the plywood platforms that once
held two thriving hives of honeybees at the Hayes Valley Farm.

Each wheel represents roughly 7,500 European honeybees killed in one of San
Francisco’s largest massacres of insects.

With a slight breeze in the chilly air and the fog slowly rolling into Hayes Valley late Sunday afternoon, volunteer Angela Goebel carefully placed some of the pinwheels in the ground. She said the pinwheel represents fluidity and constant movement.

“It’s something I’d been thinking about doing for a while,” the 23-year-old Richmond district resident said. “I was shocked and saddened that someone would do this.”

During an informal ceremony, volunteers gathered to share their thoughts
on the killing of nearly 200,000 honeybees with household pesticides. Some were
outraged by the act and others promised to learn from it.

Brett McGuire, 47, a volunteer and member of the research-and-education team, said the pinwheel is representative of the bees in that the insect sees in ultraviolet rays. He said oftentimes the bee cannot find its way to the center of a flower. The
flower, though, appears as a pinwheel shape in its eye and it’s naturally led
tothe pollen.

As the pinwheels spun in the wind, Patricia Algara, 34, created a burning mixture of grasses, sage, juniper and honey from her own beehives as a way to clear the area of negative energy and prepare for the arrival of new hives.

“It creates a safe place for the bees,” Algara said.

I bet she has no kids.

Just like they create a safe place for whatever group-of-the-day, and that group-of-the-day is always an anti-Western group: illegal aliens, Jihadis, homosexuals, etc. A civilization was build on reason and faith and now we are back to worshiping insects and making the world safe for mindless animals or enemies of the civilization.


Ludlow said...

Good or bad, this is precisely why we fought the Revolutionary War. FREEDOM.
Have you read the Constitution? Or the First Amendment?
If you don't like America, or what it stands for, simply go back to where you came from.

Ludlow said...

Good or bad, this is precisely the reason we fought the Revoltionary War. Have you read the Constitution? Or the first Amendment?
If you don't like America, or what it stands for, simply move to another country...Problem Solved.

Federale said...

Well, you miss my point. I was expressing contempt and ridicule; not denying them their right to be moronic pagans who believe in the magic of burning rubbish.

And you should be more appreciative of what your forefathers gave you. Your denial of Western Civilization is a denial of the University, science, reason, and salvation.

Federale said...

Do I need to repeat myself?

Ludlow said...

No need to repeat, it's a time delay issue. I wanted to make sure my point made it. Were these pagans harming you at all? Then why ridicule them, you should have been preaching to them, showing them the way, no? American Civilization, is that western civilization? Because good or bad, I believe in America. Science, reason and univerisity are great, what do we need salvation from? We saved ourselves from England.
Or do you mean salvation from the flames of hell?
In God We Trust!

Federale said...

This is my preaching. Perhaps it is not effective, but it is the truth. And don't tell me Gia worship is scientific or what our Founding Fathers imagined for our Republic.