Monday, August 16, 2010

Another Terrorist Supporter In The US

The usually feckless Bush Administration kept Adam Habib out of the U.S. by refusing him a visa and previously removing him after his arrival in the U.S. in 2006. Interestingly enough he was refused entry after arrival based on actions associated with support of terrorism, but had a current visa. The visa was either issued or not revoked after the information associating him with terrorism was first discovered. It was strange that DHS waited until he arrived in New York to remove him rather than cancelling his visa, or refusing to allow the airline to commence its flight to the U.S. It definately showed a breakdown during screeing of the flight he was on and in the issuing of visas, if it was a recently issued visa back in 2oo6. Usually such as him have their visas cancelled if they obtained visas before or after the terrorism information has come to light. Or, if they are inbound to the U.S., the flight is turned around.

The US government has not directly declared Adam Habib, a respected social
scientist and deputy vice chancellor of the University of Johannesburg, a
terrorist. But when Mr. Habib asked why he was denied entry at immigration at
New York's John F. Kennedy Airport in October 2006, and denied a visa this past
summer, the US Embassy in Pretoria handed him the statute under which his visa
was denied.

The Obama Regime has decided to allow him into the U.S. The article did not say if a waiver of his terrorism connection was issued as it was for Tariq Ramadan, for who Hillary Clinton issued an illegal waiver of the exclusion grounds for terrorism.

But even more interesting while here Habib has admitted that the poor in South Africa have not benefited at all from black dictatorship that is South Africa.

Mr. Habib talked about empowering poor people in his home country by
strengthening opposition parties and reforming the electoral system to have more
direct representation. Despite the extraordinary success of ending apartheid
without civil war, South Africa’s poor “could be worse off today than 15 years,” he said.

This is certainly the most telling comment not only on the economic policy of the black government of South Africa, but also on the encroaching Mugabe like black dictatorship that is evolving there.

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