Thursday, August 19, 2010

Vive La France

France is apparenlty, at least partially, taking action on illegal immigration, much to the consternation of leftists everywhere.

First, there is a crackdown on illegal aliens from Africa camping in public places in Paris:

A video showing French police dragging immigrant women and children away
from a protest squat has sharpened accusations that President Nicolas Sarkozy
has made a cynical turn towards the authoritarian right.
Although police
insist that the disturbing footage is misleading, the film of the apparently
brutal arrests north of Paris last month coincides with a noisy campaign by the
floundering Mr Sarkozy to revive his image as a politician tough on crime and
In the video, posted on YouTube, DailyMotion and other sites, a
pregnant African woman is seen screaming as she is dragged away by police.
Another woman, a baby strapped to her back, is seen being dragged along the
ground by police officers.
The film was shot on 21 July at La Courneuve when
police broke up a demonstration by 150 people, mostly African immigrant women,
protesting against their eviction from illegal squats in a council tower block.

Next, a concerted crackdown on Gypsies and their criminal activity.

Christian Fraser visits a French Roma (Gypsy) camp
Dozens of Roma
(Gypsies) have arrived back in Romania after being repatriated by France under a
controversial policy backed by President Nicolas Sarkozy.
At least 70 Roma
left France and hundreds more will follow in the coming weeks after their camps
were shut down.
The French government says it is a "decent and humane" policy
of removing people from deplorable conditions.
But rights groups say the Roma
are being demonised, and Romania has warned France against "xenophobic
"We understand the position of the French government. At the same
time, we support unconditionally the right of every Romanian citizen to travel
without restrictions within the EU," Romanian President Traian Basescu

Unlike our bad neighbor to the south, Felipe Calderon, President Basescu is a little more cooperative:

However, Mr Basescu added that he was prepared to send police to France to
help implement the repatriation scheme.

Of course, the reaction is predictable:

Some are accusing the country of racism and Xenophobia. The French
government says it is a "decent and humane" policy of removing people from
deplorable conditions.

The leftists don't deal with the reasons the Gypsies are unliked in France; such as burning down picturesqe French villages.

Three hundred soldiers are patrolling a normally tranquil village in
France's Loire Valley after dozens of armed travellers clashed with
The riot erupted on Sunday morning in Saint-Aignan after a gendarme
had shot and killed a traveller who had driven through a checkpoint, officials
Travellers armed with hatchets and iron bars then attacked the village
police station and hacked down trees.
They also toppled traffic lights and
road signs and burned three cars.
"It was a settling of scores between the
travellers and the gendarmerie," said the village mayor, Jean-Michel Billon.
He said the travellers also pillaged a bakery in the village. Just 3,400
people live in the village in a popular tourist region of central
France.Dangerous driver
Prosecutors quoted by the French TV channel TF1 said
a traveller called Luigi had failed to stop at a police checkpoint on Friday
night and had dragged a gendarme on the car bonnet for 500 metres
The gendarme escaped with only minor injuries. As the driver
approached a second checkpoint he accelerated towards two gendarmes, one of whom
opened fire.

And blockading bridges does not endear one either to the vacation loving French.

Roma (Gypsies) have blocked a major road bridge near Bordeaux in protest
after hundreds of them were evicted from an illegal campsite.
Around 250
vehicles blocked the bridge for five hours on Sunday, causing tailbacks of up to
five kilometres on a public holiday weekend.
More than 40 illegal camps have
been closed in the past week.
The French interior minister says Roma from
Eastern Europe will be deported on "specially chartered flights".
blockade on the Aquitaine Bridge was the first major counter-protest by Roma and
travellers since the French government began its crackdown.Crackdown
regional traffic information centre said the blockade caused tailbacks of five
kilometres on the Paris-bound carriageway of the A630.
Police said the Roma
had been expelled from a camp in the town of Anglet, to the south, and were
prevented from setting up a new camp on an exhibition ground nearer
There are hundreds of thousands of Roma or travelling people living
in France who are part of long-established communities.

Even more interesting is that these allegedly poor people have nice new campers and vans.

I hope the Muslims are next.

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