Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Crimes, Big And Small

There is much ado recently about illegal alien crime, especially the penchant they have for killing Americans by driving drunk. Carlos A. Martinelly Montano is just the most recent and shocking, twice arrested for drunk driving and released at least once by the feckless Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Other major crimes are of course terrorism that immigrants from Somalia bring. But not all sins are mortal. Some are venial. Here is that story dealing with fare cheats on San Francisco's municipal bus and rail system, MUNI. It appears that immigrants, especially Chinese immigrants, don't appear to know that you have to pay a fare to ride the bus. Of course, in China, you have to pay a fare, but I guess after getting free money from SSI, food stamps, and free housing, none of which is available in China, the immigrants come to believe that the bus is free as well. This despite the signs in Chinese and Spanish on the front and back doors of San Francisco's buses, trolleys, and subway cars. The local grievance industry was up in arms with MUNI's fare evader enforcement program which netted thousands of scofflaws and hit them with a $75 infraction citation. Well, that is not acceptable to the local imitators of the $PLC, the Chinese Progressive Association and the Immigrant Rights Commission, both taxpayer funded to one degree or another.

Emily Lee of the Chinese Progressive Association, a community group, said officers intimidated passengers, who were often left confused by the saturation efforts.“A lot of Muni riders from the Chinese community did not understand what they were being asked because the officers weren’t multilingual,” Lee said. “They didn’t know why they we’re getting tickets or why the officers were stopping vehicles in the first place.”

Consequently, MUNI halted it very effective efforts due to the complaints of immigrant scofflaws and communist agitators.

To address those concerns, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, which operates Muni, elected to halt the program in May so its officers could undergo cultural-sensitivity training. Muni’s regular fare enforcement procedures, which did not involve police officers, remained.On Monday, SFMTA Executive Director Nathaniel Ford told The Examiner that the saturation program would resume later this week, although the efforts would “be scaled back and more effective.” Instead of deploying teams of eight to 10 inspectors and four police officers, the program will feature about half the manpower for each stop. The saturation shifts will be shortened from two to three hours a day to 90 minutes.

Yes, very effective:

July 27 to March 19: Duration of initial program 130: Saturation operations staged during that period 9,348: Citations issued during that period $75: Cost of fare evasion citation 9.5%: Fare evasion rates before saturation program was enforced 3.5%: Fare evasion rates during saturation program $19 million: Annual revenue SFMTA loses to fare evaders

And it appears that the program was so effective, it will eventually be cancelled. There is no need to study something that is so effective. The only reason to study it is to end it.

Along with resuming the program, Ford said the SFMTA would start a new fare evasion study to determine the effectiveness of the saturation efforts. The transit agency credited the program with dropping the fare evasion rate from 9.5 percent of passengers to 3.5 percent.

Of course, the issue is not effectiveness, but the unpleasant fact that immigrants dominate fare evasion in San Francisco. What is also interesting is that most MUNI Fare Inspectors are black and most cops white or Asian. It does tell us that Chinese and other immigrants have not learned to speak English. Although it is interesting that so many immigrants do actually understand the law and pay their fare. Why is it that some do not understand? MUNI and the agitators claim it is a cultural issue and blame the black, white, and Asian city employees enforcing the laws. It used to be said that ignorance of the law is no excuse, but not apparently for immigrants:

To address those concerns, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, which operates Muni, elected to halt the program in May so its officers could undergo cultural-sensitivity training.

Another case of blame the victim, or more accurately, blame the American for the sins of the alien.

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