Saturday, August 28, 2010

Darryl McPherson Thinks You Are An Idiot

The current meme in law enforcement in the ever expanding desire to avoid accusations of profiling is that "We target crimes, not individuals." The moronic United States Marshal, Darryl McPherson, for the Northern District of Illinois, and his good buddy, John Morton, are on that kick.

We don't target individuals, we target crimes. We pursue fugitives for the crimes they commit, not for the gender or race they represent," McPherson said.

Of course McPherson is terrified that someone will find out that most of the people he just arrested were criminals of color and a foreign nationality. That would creat very bad mojo in the Obama Regime and with his boss Eric Holder. Especially since McPherson is black. Arresting his fellow men of color must be especially galling.

The idea is as ludicrous as it gets. Especially for a United States Marshal. The U.S. Marshals Service is an agency who's main mission is the specific targeting of individuals, not crimes. Just watch their show on television, Manhunters, which follows the exploits of the U.S. Marshals Service Fugitive Task Force in New York City, which on each episode targets, not crimes, but specific individuals, for arrest. Why, because they have outstanding arrest warrants. Perhaps, Darryl McPherson should view his agency's most excellent TV show. Perhaps the less than eloquent McPherson should refer the the very interesting document that Deputy U.S. Marshals quite frequently execute, an arrest warrant. The most important thing on an arrest warrant is the name of the person to be arrested. Perhaps because McPherson is a political hack nominated by Dick Durban and despite years in the U.S. Marshals Service still doesn't know what an arrest warrant is. He can check it out at Wikipedia. Obviously he was not paying attention in CITP and his follow-on Marshals' training. All one has to know is that the hack Abner Mikva led Durbin's search committee. Or he can go on a ride along with Lenny DePaul. But I think that McPherson knows better, despite his affirmative action hiring and promotion, but he does think the public are morons.

Just like McPherson, his partner in crime, John Morton, also thinks you are a moron:

Morton said a review of such cases was going on nationwide. He dismissed the suggestion that dismissing them was any type of backdoor amnesty.

A backdoor amnesty is exactly what it is.

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Anonymous said...

look up the US vs Linder case N/IL 2012 case. You will read how Mcpherson violated the rights of one of his own deputy marshals. It led to a federal indictment. A federal Judge, Kendall, dismissed the indictment while issuing a 113 page opinion bashing this moron to pieces. hes a political hack. He also suffered a 30 day suspension for running his district into the ground financially then put the blame on others. This incometent should be removed immediately