Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dereliction Of Duty

John Morton, Deputy Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement continues his defacto amnesty. (h/t Crime and Consequences) And we now know why so few aliens are arrested. There is a deliberate policy of not procuring and using detention space and an underutilization of that space available.

"So the limits on detention capacity that they now claim hold them back
from further enforcement are of their own making," he said. "What's more, ICE is
running under its average daily detention capacity — the Obama
is not even using all the resources it has."

In January, ICE reduced the number of its detention facilities from 341 to
270 and ended outside contracts at 10 other sites.

And his only concern is the comfort of the few aliens detained, not their removal.

That effort includes the creation of a civil detention system that reduces
transfers, maximizes access to counsel, visitation and recreation, improves
conditions of confinement, and ensures quality medical, mental and dental health

Why not start fully using expedited removal? That provision of the Immigration and Nationality Act that requires the removal of aliens without hearings before the Executive Office for Immigration Review. That would result in more aliens removed and free up detention space.

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