Monday, August 9, 2010


Not quite. Not a touchdown issue either though. The alleged fumble, the illegal alien anchor baby issue and the 14th Amendment. Peter Wehner has another post on the issue and he overstates it just a tad. Why, I am not sure. Perhaps because he really isn't enthusiastic about the immigration issue as Commentary, neo-cons and the American Jewish community have never been known as hard chargers on illegal immigration, much less the issue of maintaining our national character.

Wehner gives some quite common sense on actions that can be taken much more easily than ending birth-right citizenship:

There is plenty policymakers can do to curb illegal immigration (including
securing the southern border, toughening enforcement policies, and expediting
the legal process to cut the average deportation time) and improve our overall
approach to immigration (including narrowing the scope of the
family-reunification privilege to the nuclear family, adjusting upward our
quotas for high-skilled labor, and making assimilation a central national

He even gets the most important issue, assimilation and kudos for that.

...and making assimilation a central national priority).

While the direct impact of children born to aliens here illegally is not that great, it is not as benign as he claims.

It is simply not the magnet that people like Boehner and Sens. Lindsey Graham,
John McCain, Jeff Sessions, and Jon Kyl insist. They are manufacturing an
argument to create an issue.

An American passport is one of the primary goals of illegal aliens. A child born here gives those illegal alien parents a defense against deportation and eventually a green card, then citizenship itself. It gives the illegal aliens access to the welfare system. There is plenty of impact. But, as I pointed out and Wehner has as well, anchor babies can be worked around both by policy, such as actually enforcing the law, and/or by new legislation such as not allow any alien with illegal presence to ever obtain legal permanent residency, or ending chain migration.

He also gets it right that that certain RINOs are manufacturing an issue, but the manufacturing is a pretense and they are not serious.

They are manufacturing an argument to create an issue.

Wehner thinks they are serious. Discerning minds know that Grahmesty and McCain are just using the issue as boob bait for bubbas. Come the results of the November elections, McCain will drop the issue like a hot potatoe and go back to his amnesty plan.

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