Tuesday, August 24, 2010

ICE Congratulates Itself

For gross deriliction of duty. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) released a breathless press briefing congratulating itself on arresting 47 gangbanger illegal aliens. Out of a poputlation of 10-13 million illegals that ain't saying much for ICE's competance, but looking closer makes ICE even look less competant, if that is possible. But for ICE, they can always hit bottom and reach lower. One jokes about the FBI, Famous But Incompetant, but for ICE incompetance is its first name.

Look how long it took to find one illegal alien absconder:

A 30-year-old citizen of Cambodia and national of Thailand, who is a member
of the Asian Boyz gang who was ordered deported in August 2001. He failed to comply with his removal order and a warrant of deportation was entered against
him. His criminal record dates back to 1998 and includes convictions for armed
assault to murder, multiple counts of assault and battery with a dangerous
weapon, armed robbery, and carjacking.

Not many Asians in New England, you would think that finding one illegal ordered deported 9 years ago would be easy, but not for ICE. It took ICE 9 years to catch this guy who has undoubtedly been arrested numerous times in the past nine years. Thanks for nothing John Morton and the clowns at ICE.

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