Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Illegal Alien's Best Friend

John Morton, ostensibly head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, but, in reality, a saboteur of the enforcement of immigration laws. In a new development, after the renewed implementation of Catch-and-Release, is the new Do-Not-Catch. In a policy document being circulated at ICE, Morton is proposing prohibiting arrests of illegal aliens stopped for traffic violations. (h/t CIS and the indefatigable Jessica Vaughn)

Vaughn has put it better than I ever could:

According to the draft document's cover e-mail from Ann Yom Steel, a
political appointee whose mission seems to be to harass and discourage local
agencies who want to help ICE and who want ICE to help them, the agency is
responding to the "many concerns [of immigration law enforcement critics]
related to immigration detainers, including that they could distort the state
criminal process or open the window for pretextual, minor criminal charges." In
other words, ICE believes the ethnic advocacy groups who accuse local cops and
sheriffs of abusing their authority by trumping up traffic charges on innocent
illegal aliens in order to have them deported. Therefore, all illegal aliens who
violate traffic laws will get a free pass from ICE, unless they also happen to
have committed other "real" crimes. The policy draft says: "Immigration officers
shall not issue a detainer unless an LEA [law enforcement agency] has exercised
its independent authority to arrest the alien. Immigration officers shall not
issue detainers for aliens who have been temporarily detained by the LEA (i.e.
roadside or Terry stops) but not arrested," although the LEA may hold them
without a detainer if ICE is coming right away (don't hold your

Interestingly enough, the hand of Harold Hurtt, the former Houston Chief Of Police and opponent of local enforcement of immigration law, who, by the way, is part of the cadre of itinerant black police chiefs who jump from chief's job to chief's job, following failure after failure, as part of the affirmative action practiced by most large cities, is quite obvious.

The memorandum quite stupidly refers to traffic related misdemeanors. Obviously someone unfamiliar with law enforcement wrote this policy draft. Very few traffic offenses are misdemeanors, almost all are infractions. So this policy document if followed will result in nothing happening, as it does not prohibit arrests and detentions of immigration law based on infractions. Stupid is as stupid does.

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Florencio said...

Illegal immigration avoids screening of immigrants for personal histories and affiliations hostile to the interests of the United States, whether drug cartel, Al-Qaeda, or the entire universe of possibilities. Illegal immigration permits unchecked importation of contraband products (weapons, drugs, nuclear parts, and, again the unchecked universe of whatever exists) that can degrade our culture, take lives, and potentially, destroy our way of life.

Illegal immigration places the would-be immigrants in an highly vulnerable position where they can be forced into prostitution, other criminal activities, or to work at substandard and illegally low wages, being paid under the table, and not contributing to the taxes that support all of the social benefits to which they have become available; also leaving them subject to uncovered Workers' Compensation claims. Working at substandard wages robs legal residents, immigrants and citizens, of the opportunity to compete for jobs on a fair and level playing field.

I support full and aggressive cooperation of U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Department of Homeland Security, and local law enforcement agencies in securing the borders of the United States. Illegal immigration actively denies Americans of jobs and security. Anything less than energetic and cooperative enforcement of immigration laws is dereliction of duty.