Monday, August 2, 2010

A Lesson That Needs To Be Learned Again

That is homosexuals are security risks. We now know that the Wikileaks traitor Bradley Manning was a homosexual, seeking a sex change operation and was radical leftist.

In the scandal involving the theft and release of classified military
information that could cost the lives of U.S. military personnel, the British
Telegraph newspaper is reporting
that the American soldier at the center of the scandal was “openly homosexual”
and apparently held a grudge against the U.S. because of the military’s anti-gay

In another bizarre twist, reliable reports suggest that Private First
Class Bradley Manning, the U.S. Army Intelligence analyst accused of leaking the
classified information to the
website, was not only a homosexual but was considering a sex change. Manning was
arrested at the end of May and is being detained by U.S. authorities.

The Telegraph features photographs of Manning, who could face more than 50
years in prison for treasonous conduct, holding up a sign with rainbow colors
demanding “equality on the battlefield” and participating in a gay pride

It is apparent that Manning, based on published reports, was a public
homosexual activist for at least over a year. During this time he apparently
came up with the idea of downloading and releasing the classified information to
WikiLeaks as a way to get back at the United States military over its policy
regarding homosexuality.

It may be the case that Manning was anxious about the failure of Congress
to pass the repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” anti-gay military
President Obama had promised during the 2008 campaign to repeal the
policy and in office has championed the “rights” of homosexual and
“transgendered” people to high-level federal positions.

The riveting Telegraph account of Manning’s growing rage and anger
raises serious questions of how the soldier was able to flaunt his homosexuality
despite the fact that the Pentagon still officially has a policy in place of
excluding open homosexuals from military service.

In a clear indication that the law was being ignored by the Obama
Administration, the evidence demonstrates that Manning was continuing to serve
after openly flaunting his homosexuality, including on Facebook.

The clear implication is that the Obama Regime policy of not enforcing the law that prohibits homosexuals from serving in the military is a danger to national security:

The revelations of Manning’s openly pro-homosexual conduct suggest that a
more liberal Department of Defense policy, in deference to the wishes of the
Commander-in-Chief, had already been in effect and has now backfired in a big
way. The result could be not only the loss of the lives of U.S. soldiers, as a
result of the enemy understanding U.S. intelligence sources and methods, but
damaged relations with Afghanistan and Pakistan and a possible U.S. military
defeat in the region as a whole.

And, like most homosexuals and leftists, he had a chip on his shoulder that resulted in hatred of the United States:

His tagline on his personal page reads: "Take me for who I am, or face the

Had the Obama taken his oath of office seriously and followed it, there would be no Wikileaks problem. Manning would have been removed from the Army long ago, if not refused enlistment. More frightening is that those Milbloggers like Blackfive and The Sniper who were most vicious on Manning when he leaked about the attack on insurgents that killed some reporters also support repeal of Title 10 United States Code Section 654. Of course all will argue that there are heterosexual traitors as well, but we have enough of those, why not at least keep out the homosexual ones; who are more likely to be traitors, motivated by the leftist meme that predominates in the homosexual community. It is like keeping out illegal aliens, not all are vicious criminals, but many are; you kill two birds with one stone by keeping out all illegals. Do the same with homosexuals.

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