Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More Immigration Lies

The Phoenix New Times, a free local commie rag that subsists on advertisements from multi-nationals, marijuana dealers and prostitutes, has long been know for their jihad against Sheriff Joe Arpaio, but also as propogandists for illegal aliens.

To do this, the Phoenix New Times must lie. It cannot tell the truth about immigration, both legal and illegal, because the goal is more Demoncrat voters and the overthrow of the evil capitalist system. As good Reds, any lie is acceptable, as the end justifies the means.

They have been ringing the bell on immigration for a long time, but have a new series on illegal immigration. The main theme is that evil racist America won't let in immigrants from the Third World, especially Mexico and Central America. Facts obviously don't get in the way. According to the New Times and their writer Monica Alonzo, only 26,000 Mexican citizens are allowed to immigrate each year.

Federal law allows 26,260 people from Mexico to receive visas each year. There
are roughly 1.1 million Mexicans on a waiting list.

They further state:

What he and other zealots ignore is that it's virtually impossible for Mexicans
and Central Americans to emigrate here legally.

Of course, they never let facts get in the way of their editorial policy, which is contradicted by the facts:

From USCIS' Immigration Yearbook: 189,989 Mexican citizens legally immigrated in 2008. That certainly exposes Alonzo as a liar. And 403,793 Mexicans were admitted in 2009 as non- immigrants.

The left will do anything to further their agenda. Let the New Times know that you know their reporters are lying.

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