Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Never Satisfied

The affirmative action columnist for the Washington Post Joe Davidson of the Federal Page is on a bender again over the alleged overrepresentation of whites in the federal workforce. Of course, to him, any whites in the federal workforce is overrepresentation.
Diversity in the federal workforce has been a mixed bag over
the past 10 years, according to a report by the Equal Employment Opportunity
The Annual Report on the Federal Work Force shows that the
percentage of men among federal employees dropped to 55.9 percent in fiscal
2009, from 57.7 percent in 2000, while women increased to 44.1 percent from 42.3
percent. Diversity was not helped by a small decline in the employment of
African Americans, but the portion of Latinos grew slightly.

"As the largest employer in the nation, the federal
government should lead the way in creating a diverse and just workplace," said
Jacqueline A. Berrien, who chairs the EEOC. "Government employers need to
continue to recruit and promote employees who represent the tapestry of America.
They must also improve the efficiency of the complaint process so that justice
delayed is not justice denied."

Discrimination complaints are up, but just barely,
the report found. The number of individuals who filed complaints rose by 1.8
percent in 2009, over the previous year.
At the senior pay levels, white males continue to strongly
dominate the ranks, though their percentage dropped to 61 percent of senior pay
recipients in 2009 from 66.7 percent in 2000, the report shows. Women increased
their presence in the highest pay levels among civil servants, but still
comprise just 29 percent of that category. Hispanics also showed a small gain.
Black Americans did not increase their representation in the top pay grades and
actually moved backwards slightly to 7.05 percent from 7.11 percent.
In the typical leftist dishonesty, Davidson does not tell you that the latest statistics for the workforce show that whites are 76% of the population and only 68% of the federal workforce. Blacks are 12% of the population and 17% of the federal workforce.
Any objection to this blatant discrimination against whites is ridiculed, but the only evidence Davidson presents of discrimination against blacks in the federal workforce is a letter from a whining black woman who claims she was discriminated against when she was 16 years old and applying for a job with Prudential Insurance and the writer is 60 years old.
In response to Nisbet, how interesting that for 50 years as a
government official, he has never discriminated against African Americans but
apparently did not observe the daily, systemic discrimination around him. I
presume that if he has been working for 50 years in America, he is at least in
his late 60s. Well, I am in my early 60s and I can tell him what that world was
like. For example, I can tell him of being a 16-year-old National Merit
Scholarship Semifinalist and going for an after-school file clerk job at
Prudential Insurance in Chicago and being told that I failed a test to place
names in alphabetical order. When I asked to see the results, I was told that
was against company policy.

Some 20 years later, the EEOC charged Prudential with
systemic discrimination but required [people to] provide proof that you were
discriminated against. What would I have provided? And who benefited from those
types of discrimination?
The writer then claims that blacks dominate employment with the Postal Service because of civil service exams.
Does he ever wonder why blacks came to be "over-represented,"
as he terms it, at the Postal Service. While he was in his wonderful
rose-colored world, he did not know that the post office became the one agency
where blacks could take a test and be objectively rated (or were needed).
Because of discrimination, if you had an advanced degree, as a black person,
this was one place that you could find a job. It became the place of hire for
the best and the brightest in the African American community.
Funny, leftists sued to prohibit civil service exams in the early 80s and successfully eliminated the general civil service exam. Very few agencies use any sort of exam to hire today, mostly specialty occupations like law enforcement positions. In fact, the end of written examinations has led to affirmative action hiring and racial discrimination against whites.

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