Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shooting In The Mission

No information on the actual shooters. Or the victims. The San Francisco Chronicle and it's reporter Drew Joseph could not care to identify the shooters or the victims. Why, because of the implications for public policy on immigration.

(08-15) 11:38 PDT SAN FRANCISCO -- Police are looking for a man suspected of shooting three other men in the Mission District late Saturday night in what investigators believe was a gang-related attack.

Officers who responded to 17th and Mission streets just before midnight found three victims - one with a life-threatening wound to the chest and two others who were struck in the legs, said Officer Samson Chan, a San Francisco police spokesman.

All three victims, who have not been identified, were taken to the hospital. The suspect, Chan said, fled east on 17th street. The police department's gang task force is investigating.

The SFPD is investigating, but the SF Chronicle is not. It does not really care about a shooting in the Mission. Not because they don't care that some people are shot and almost killed. But because telling the moronic readers of the worst newspaper in the United States that the crimes have been committed by immigrants, legal and illegal, and the victims are immigrants, legal and illegal, and, most likely, both victim and perpetrator are involved in gang activity. Such information would cause apoplexy among the leftists in San Francisco and result in accusations that the Chron and Joseph are racists. Of course, that would end the Chron's respectability and Joseph's social standing.

One of the local TV stations did partial broach the ban on mentioning the truth, but only barely:

SAN FRANCISCO -- San Francisco police are looking for a gunman who shot three men in the city's Mission District late Saturday.

A police spokesman says one man suffered life threatening wounds after being shot in the chest, while the two others were each shot in the leg by a lone gunman who opened fire on the men just before midnight. The gunman and the victims were all on foot.

Police believe the shooting was gang-related. More than a dozen shots from a handgun were fired by the gunman.
Police haven't released the names or any additional details about the victims, except to say they're all in their 20s.

Young men in their 20s and gang related. More information than the commie run Chron gave the reader, but still, like a bikini, saying much, but hiding the important stuff.

What was not said is that the perpetrator and the victims were aliens, descendant of aliens, or illegals. That is what we were not told. And that is the policy of the media, don't tell the reader what they really need to know.

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