Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Such A Fool

Hugh Hewitt portrays himself as the smart guy of talk radio. He ridicules his afternoon drive competitors, The John and Ken Show, as potbangers, because they get the public involved in issues, demonstrations and in specific political races. Of course, Hewitt does the same, but he hobnobs with morons like Erwin Chemerinsky and Mike Allen, political hacks that take their marching orders from the Demoncrat Party.

Hewitt is not very bright. He did not know that Vaughn Walker, the leftist judge who declared heterosexual only marriage unconstitutional. Hewitt is shocked, shocked, that this occurred. However some are much smarter and predicted that Walker would rule against heterosexual marriage long ago. Back in October 2009 as a matter of fact. How can we be competitive in the realm of ideas if our supposed smart guys don't know nothing about anything. Walker's homosexuality was quite often in the press and specifically addressed by the local rag when the case first came up. One did not need to know that Walker would overturn heterosexual marriage based on his homosexuality as his intent was know from the start. His homosexuality was only the final nail in the coffin of heterosexual marriage.

Taken together with Hewitt's blinders on the topic of Islam, is it time that RINOs on the radio are replaced as well as those in the Republican Party?

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