Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another Stupid LAPDog Flatfoot

Add Charlie Beck to the list of failed bureaucrats in blue. Like his amnesty whorshiping former collegue George Gascon, Beck and his ilk are causing William H. Parker to roll over in his grave. Parker created the legend and the reality of the modern professional police force, helped of course by Jack Webb (Dragnet, Adam-12). Beck, however, like most of his predecesors, is destroying the City of Angels and a moron to boot:
LAPD Chief Charlie Back said he was surprised by the protests and unrest that erupted in the Westlake district after an officer-involved shooting.

Beck believes the shooting of the man, a day laborer like many others in the neighborhood, quickly became a flashpoint that brought to the surface larger issues facing the impoverished community of immigrants from Guatamala and Central America west of downtown L.A., one of the most densely populated areas of the country.
"This community feels disconnected from the city," he said in an interview with The Times' Joel Rubin. "They feel like they don't have a voice. I think they feel a lot of pressure because of the anti-immigrant sentiment that runs through a very common conversation in America right now." Beck noted that Westlake has a highly transitory population, with immigrants from Latin America settling there when they arrive in L.A. only to move into other parts of the city as soon as they can. The eruption of anger and hostility laid bare for Beck the fact that the LAPD has fallen short in maintaining a level of trust and close ties with an ever-evolving population whose community leaders are often hard to find.

"When there is no identified leadership, no relationship established with the community's leaders, then the police department is ill-prepared or ill-equipped to handle controversial issues. There is nobody who can take our message and who can deliver their message," he said.
At least he is backing his officer in a rightous shoot, but blaming whitey just doesn't cut it. Like a moron he was "surprised" by the reaction of illegal aliens and minorities. Anyone with any experience in LA knows that minorities riot almost every time a cop shoots a skell...a minority skell. If Beck had been a good chief he would have had every single motor cop in LA deployed in Westlake as soon as the shooting hit the airwaves. An ounce of prevention would have been better than the many pounds of cure that he later deployed after the riots started.
Even better would have been repeal of Special Order 40 and an LAPD and ICE coordinated sweep of Westlake and other illegal alien areas.

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