Saturday, September 4, 2010

Obama Doubling Down On Amnesty

The Obama Regime amnesty continues and accelerates. The Regime has send out instructions to law enforcement agencies participating in the 287(g) program to release from custody any alien without a felony conviction that has been arrested.

Some undocumented immigrants swept up on minor charges such as fishing without a license won’t face federal detention. Instead, they’ll be released on their own recognizance under an Obama administration directive to a Nashville, Tenn., sheriff who charged 6,000 people with immigration crimes over the past 2-1/2 years.

The "release on recognizance" order by Immigration and Customs Enforcement – a branch of the US Department of Homeland Security – could affect at least some of the 66 US law enforcement jurisdictions that are part of a controversial program which, in essence, deputizes local police to act as de facto immigration agents.

The directive, made earlier this month, is the result of overcrowding in federal prisons, but also ties into a broader, ongoing review of the program, known as 287(g), and its impact on immigrant communities.

The rationale again is that the Obama Regime will be concentrating its limited interest, not resources, in aliens with previous felony convictions.

“There hasn’t been a [policy] change: ICE always puts a priority on criminal aliens who pose a national security threat,” says Matt Chandler, a Department of Homeland Security spokesman in Washington.

Of course, Chandler is a liar, ICE previously used 287(g) as a force multiplier, previously 287(g) agencies had increased the apprehension and deportation of aliens, both criminal and other. Now it is not interested in arresting illegal aliens.

However, the import of this news story is not that the Obama Regime is continuing with amnesty by ending enforcement, but that the 287(g) program itself is in jeopardy. Chandler again, this time hinting at the truth:

But he acknowledges: “We are taking a deep, hard look at the program.”

In Obamaspeak, that means the program is on the way out. It has just been too successful. And with the lawsuits against Arizona and Sheriff Joe Arpaio looking like legal losers on appeal, the Regime will have to end the programs that give States immigration enforcement authority.

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