Monday, September 20, 2010

The Perils Of Commenting On Immigration

The usually squared-away and hard charging blog Atlas Shrugs and its webmistress Pamela Geller has shown the perils of commenting on immigration issues without knowledge of immigration issues.
In her justifiable war against Chuckie Schumer, Geller mistakenly takes the side of Indian IT contracting companies who outsource American jobs and replace American workers with Indian and Pakistani workers.

We are cursed in New York. Racketeering Rangel and this political hack and
useful idiot, Chuckie Schumer. Dump Schumer does it again -- this time he
slams Indians in today's Washington Post. (hat tip Clark)

Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) inflamed Indian media outlets in debate in the Senate on Thursday when he called Infosys, the IT outsourcing giant, a "chop shop"--the term often used for the place where stolen cars are dismantled for resale. He said such companies outsource high-paying American tech jobs to immigrants willing to take less pay. He said he did not want the bill to affect companies that employ Americans and "play by the rules." This is so crazy. His party is bending over backwards to defend the Muslims, and in almost the same breath they single out Indians, who have been perfect guest workers, for punishment.This so-called immigration reform, like all the other reforms, is going to penalize people who work hard, pay taxes and obey the law. Illegal immigrants who routinely break the law (and who vote Democratic when given the right to vote) will benefit, while those who work and pay will suffer.(And yes, chuck the snake is still MIA on the Ground Zero mosque, but he stopped the NRA from opening a fabulous themed restaurant and
sporting game zone in
Times Square.)

Anyone and everyone who helped this enemy of free speech and Obot get to where he is should be actively working to unseat him. You owe it to your country.

Of course, Schumer is an idiot; the term of art used in immigration law is job shop, not chop shop. I doubt if Chuckie is smart enough to know the difference, but I know that Geller could do better. Obviously she does not pay deep attention to the minutia of the immigration debate. I doubt if there are 10,000 Americans who know the difference between a job shop and a chop shop.
But what really should concern America is that Geller does not even know the slightest about the issue of Indian job shops and their impact on American workers. They use the H-1B and L-1 visas to replace American workers, force them to train their replacements, and then fire the Americans. I know that Geller is a patriot; I am certain she does not know what is going on, but one of the responsibilities of patriotism and blogging is to know something. Uninformed comment is useless if you don't have the factual background. And misleading Americans about H-1B and L-1 visa abuse by Indian job shops is dangerous to this country. She should know that the Times Square Bomber Faisel Shahzad started out as an H-1B.
2002 – Issued H-1B visa. Shahzad was sponsored by Elizabeth Arden to work in a low level accounting job under the H-1B visa program. This would seem to support the argument that the visa program brings in primarily ordinary workers, not the best and the brightest as its defenders claim.
I hope Geller brushes up on the issue.

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