Monday, September 20, 2010

The Perils Of Commenting On Police Shootings

The gun nuts are on a roll on the shooting in Las Vegas of Eric Scott at a Costco in Las Vegas. The conspiracy stories are claiming that Costco employees and the Las Vegas police conspired to shoot a paying customer! As if Costco wants its customers shot down like dogs on a routine basis. Even more important to the gun nuts and some drug addled libertarian types in this shooting case was that the victim was a graduate of West Point, was awarded an Masters in Business Administration and was professionally employed. And had a license to carry a concealed weapon. Add those facts up and he is the innocent victim of the Las Vegas Metro Police Department and their trigger happy officers.
Let's look at the evidence that proves the officers involved are guilty:
Interesting, but hardly relevant. You don't get character witnesses at a coroners inquest. Why, because that is not relevant information as to what happened on the day Scott was shot. Has any West Point graduate committed a crime? Has any Army officer committed a crime? Has any MBA committed a crime? Has any sales representative ever committed a crime? Of course, yes is the response to all those questions. So we can dismiss the mendacious use of Scott's resume to exonerate him. Especially mendacious is the repeated mention of West Point. It is a clear appeal to sympathy when the use of facts by themselves should be the only emphasis.
Next, the gun nuts and their friends either minimize or don't mention the drug issue. Vin Suprynowicz is especially disingenuous in his failures to mention the drug issue. Mainly because he either doesn't want the public to know about the issue or he just like drugs.

Late at night on June 11, Las Vegas police Detective Bryan Yant led five other armed officers in beating down the door of a Las Vegas apartment to arrest a suspected minor marijuana dealer named Trevon Cole.

Finding Cole in the darkened bathroom, where police assert he was flushing the dried medicinal plant down the toilet, Yant, whose flashlight wasn't working and who neglected to bring along a partner, shot the young black suspect dead.

Noticed how marijuana became a dried medicinal plant and the suspected minor marijuana dealer became young black suspect. He later admits the truth:
Selling an ounce or two of pot.
Here Suprynowicz attempts to join the gun rights battle with libertarian wet dream of drug legalization under the pretense of medical use and join with Al Sharpton and Barak Hussein Obama's war on white Americans. Smooth segway there, but not convincing, either in the Scott shooting case in the Cole case.
Both Suprynowicz and other commentators have also decided to become amateur coroners, much like the nut jobs who babble on about how Kennedy could not have been shot because of some magic bullet.
Despite contradictory statements by nearly everyone who testified -- and forensic evidence that the fatal AR-15 rifle bullet penetrated down through the cheek into the deceased's neck, meaning he had to be squatting or kneeling on the floor -- Detective Yant stood by his story that he fired the fatal shot only after Cole stood up, turned and thrust his hands toward him as if he had a gun.

No gun was found in the apartment. Oddly, a yellow tube of lip balm was found in the dead man's left hand.

In the estimation of the medical examiner and homicide detective who investigated the case, Cole turned in Yant's direction while crouched over the toilet. But based on how Cole's body was found, the medical examiner said it was highly unlikely that Cole took a step toward Yant, as the detective claimed.
Two experts hired by Scott’s family examined his body. They claim that of the seven .45 ACP hollowpoint bullets fired into Scott’s body, one was fired through his armpit, suggesting his arm was raised at the time. Four remaining shots were fired into his back. There were no exit wounds, making it all but impossible for police to claim that investigators misread through-and-through wounds.
Of course, those "experts" probably aren't as the family has decided not to cremate the body and will have an independent autopsy done if the official one does not agree with their conclusions.
Bill Scott, Erik's Scott's father, said in a telephone interview that although he is skeptical of the inquest system, he is holding out hope.

"We're willing to give the process a chance to provide the truth and to ensure justice is done by holding those responsible for his killing accountable."
Goodman said the body has been preserved so an independent autopsy can be done if the family finds fault with the autopsy conducted by the Clark County coroner's office. The results are expected to be released at the inquest.
If the fix is in, why not have one done now? Obviously they are not entirely convinced that the story they are telling is the truth.
Suprynowicz takes the cake though. The press, the Las Vegas Review Journal, Suprynowicz' own newspaper, reported that Costco employees called regarding an armed man acting erratically:
Police said they were called to the store because they received reports from store workers about an armed man acting erratically.
However Suprynowicz says that Costco was killing its customers:
Apparently Mr. Scott, who was shopping with his girlfriend, broke the plastic wrap on a carton of bottled water so he could check to see if the bottles would fit in his backpack. He shouldn’t have done that. But is it a capital crime?

If I go to Costco with a perfectly legal gun in a holster, either concealed or open, even though I never present my weapon or threaten anyone with it, will employees there call the police, report a “crazy man with a gun,” and have me killed?

Talk about “customer relations”! How many front-door ambushes (complete with fake bomb scares to beat the game under the hunters’ guns) do you have to set up to win “employee of the month”?
Well if Suprynowicz doesn't like Costco policies, don't shop there. Costco certainly has the right to exercise their property rights. Or has Suprynowicz not heard of those rights? Of course this appears to be a single incident. How many other innocent Costco shoppers with CCWs have been shot down like dogs? Not many.
This leads us though to the real reason that Scott was shot: an apparent long history of drug abuse.
Las Vegas police have not released toxicology reports that would confirm or disprove Gorzoch's allegation of Scott's drug use. Bill Scott said he knew nothing of steroid use but confirmed his son was being treated with legal human growth hormones at a Las Vegas-area clinic.

And the younger Scott's medical records include a statement from a doctor who said that he suspected Erik Scott was addicted to painkillers, Bill Scott said.

But Erik Scott was being treated by a back specialist for compressed disks, likely from an old injury aggravated by a more recent car accident, Bill Scott said.

His son was taking about three pills a day for severe pain, he said, and might have had an enzyme deficiency that prevented him from easily processing pain medication.

"From the time he was a little kid and would complain of a headache, one aspirin didn't do the trick," Bill Scott said. "The standard dosage never touched him."
Holy Smokes, drugs and guns. Great combination. That will certainly work out well for someone. I am a firm believer that even a drunk or drug addict has a right to defend themselves from aggression, but mixing alcohol and guns or drugs and guns is not going to work out. It will end badly, as it did with Scott, and, for that matter, with Cole. Pherhaps Suprynowicz forgot his basic firearms safety training. Clearly both were so under the influence they either put themselves in harms way deliberately by carrying a gun under the influence or being so under the influence they could not respond coherently to police commands. And in the case of Cole, just how do you respond when the police announce "Search Warrant! Police!?" Yeah, my first reaction as a "medical" marijuana user is to run to the toilet to flush the drugs. Certainly the wrong answer. The correct answer is that you raise your hands in abject surrender, not run for the toilet to flush your stash, especially if it is only legal "medical" marijuana that so many oppressed black men use because of the stress of not being able to find a real job due to discrimination by the white man.
This might be the reason that Bob Owens was only vaguely refering to drugs:
He was gunned down by three Las Vegas police officers after they responded to a 911 call by Costco store employees reporting a man with a gun, possibly on narcotics, behaving erratically.
Scott was 38 years old, shopping with his girlfriend for items they needed as they moved in together. Unfortunately, those are the only details of the story on which anyone agrees.To hear the side of the story presented by Scott’s family, friends, and some eyewitnesses, Erik Scott’s death was the result of ignorance and embellishment on the part of the Costco staff, and a combative, deterministic mindset from responding officers.
Other witnesses and the police claim that Eric Scott was armed and acting irrationally, and that his own actions led to his shooting.
Interstingly enough, such irrational behavior is also symptomatic of steroid abuse:
Those issues continued in his second marriage, to Lydia Gorzoch. When contacted by the Review-Journal after his death in July, she e-mailed a curt response: "I divorced Erik Scott because he was an angry and violent man with erratic behavior who abused steroids and acquired a serious addiction to pain killers. I'm not the least bit surprised about what happened; He was on an extremely destructive path when I left him and I never expected Erik to live to see 40..."
Lang described Erik Scott as a "genetic freak" who easily developed a body builder's physique and never took steroids.

"We would both bench the same weight, but my chest never looked like his did," Lang said.

Lang said that Scott worked hard to stay in top shape and was a workout junkie since his freshman year in high school. He often ate protein drinks and similar health products."He ate more of that than he did real food," Bill Scott said.
An ex-wife's word cannot always be trusted, but drugs and steroid use certainly explain his "genetic freak" status and his irrational behavior in Costco.
Apparently Mr. Scott, who was shopping with his girlfriend, broke the plastic wrap on a carton of bottled water so he could check to see if the bottles would fit in his backpack.
Who takes items out of the plastic in a store? Except to steal them or because you acting irrationally.
It appears that irrational behavior is common among those killed by LVMPD:
How about if we count people like Ivan Carrillo, an apparent drunk driver killed then his car was rammed by a Metro police cruiser on May 20?
Perhaps you will live longer if you don't drive drunk and run from the police. Or take narcotics and carry a gun.
The libertarians and the gun nuts just don't want to face facts. Drugs and guns don't mix. Why, because mixing the two is stupid, dangerous, and illegal, but also bring you to the attention of the police.
If Syprynowicz doesn't want to get shot down by the fuzz, then don't mix guns with drugs. Oh, and if the police annouce "Search Warrant!", don't run for the toilet. Or better yet, lay off the herb, or best, stop selling it.


Jake said...

Hey smartass, why don't you mention the fact that Costco "misplaced" the surveillance videos of the shooting? That coupled with the fact that coroner's inquests involving police shootings here in Vegas always happen within a few days of the incident, except this shooting for some reason, seems to point to some kind of cover-up wouldn't you think? Check the stats regarding fatal police shootings involving Metro Police as well as Henderson, NV police in the past 15 years compared to other major cities and you will find out they are a bunch of trigger happy sons of bitches.

Federale said...

Hey dumbfuck. Do you carry your guns while under the influence of prescription narcotics? It is dumbfucks like Erik Scott who are giving law abiding gun carriers a bad name. As well as dumbfucks like you who rally around crazed drug users like Erik Scott.

Some advice dumbfuck, don't try and shoot it out with the LVMPD and HPD.

And, no, I don't think the delay of the inquest is any evidence of anything. Only dumbfucks get all paranoid about nothing.

Also, just because LVMPD and HPD shoot more hyped up drug uses who draw down on them doesn't mean anything. It just says there are more dumbfucks trying to shoot it out with the police than in other cities. Or that other PDs aren't shooting enough drug crazed dumbfucks.

Oh, and Costco says the CCTV system was down not that they misplaced the recordings dumbfuck.

Oh, and thanks for reading my blog.