Monday, October 18, 2010

The Next Amnesty

While the Obama Regime amnesty continues with illegal aliens like Nicky Diaz free to live in the United States, the radical leftist immigration bar is planning their next amnesty.
The number of deportation cases being dismissed by Houston immigration judges, has risen more than 700 percent since July. According to the Executive Office for Immigration Review, 217 cases were dismissed in August, with another 174 dismissals occurring in September. In July, there were only 27 deportation cases dropped by U.S. immigration courts in Houston.

About 45 percent of cases are now simply being dismissed. The Houston Chronicle has reported that U.S. government prosecutors are now actually approaching immigration attorneys to file joint motions for dismissal of their cases. Houston immigration attorney Steve Villarreal confirmed this growing but secretive policy, saying: “They're just doing it quietly.”Prior to July, the Houston immigration courts averaged 38 case dismissals.
They are happy with their first amnesty and are well underway with the their second. The Reds have decided again that expanding the rights of aliens to free legal counsel is part of the way to go, but that expanding the power of Hearing Officers to freely dismiss cases against illegal aliens is the next step. Hearing Officers of the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) are executive branch employees and are required to faithfully execute the laws of the United States. They take an oath to do so. But the Reds in the immigration bar want to give said employees the authority to not enforce the laws of the United States in the cases of aliens in removal proceedings. They want Hearing Officers to have the authority to engage in an ongoing amensty:
When the competency of a respondent is in doubt, the IJ must have the discretion to terminate the proceedings. This termination can be done with or without the consent of both parties, although if the competency of the individual is a disputed matter, the IJ must call for a competency hearing. The discretion to implement these safeguards is necessary to ensure that immigration court decisions are not arbitrary or unfair. Without such safeguards in immigration court, a non-citizen may face the severe curtailment of liberties that are part of deportation without allowing the opportunity to present evidence in an impartial hearing.
As was predicted following publication of their plans on the immigration bar website, the immigration bar is telegraphing the next Obama Regime move, and it will most likely be expanding the powers of the EOIR and their Hearing Officers to continue the Regime's amnesty.

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