Monday, November 29, 2010

38% Is The Opposite of 62%

The neo-cons at Contentions are all aglow about Hispanic voting percentages in the mid-terms. However neither Linda Chavez or Jennifer Rubin seem to understand basic math. With 62% of Hispanics voting for the Demoncrats, there is no winning the Hispanic vote in the first place. While Rubin knows that 26% or 38% is not good, she also does not see to be able to understand that subtraction could sovle the Republican Hispanic gap just as easily as pandering to immigrants or increasing the problem by increasing legal immigration.
(Moreover, the percentage of voters who are Hispanic has been increasing in each election, so Republicans will need to do better with each election if they are to retain that share of the general electorate.) ...
As Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell pointed out to me a few years ago, if the Republicans want to continue to make progress among Hispanic voters, they need to object to the “illegal” part, not the “immigration” part, of the equation.
How about ending chain migration? That would effectively end legal Hispanic immigration and hence any need to pander to the Hispanic vote as their numbers would then be quickly decreasing. Why aren't the neo-cons capable of thinking of other solutions to the Hispanic problem. They have a one track mind; pandering on the immigration issue which means only one thing, amnesty.

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