Monday, November 8, 2010

An Apology From Bob Owens

And Pajamas Media, but not to William Mosher. The apology is to Lee Franklin Booth, a convicted felon. I don't quite understand the need for an apology for Booth, but Mosher was accused by Owens of shooting Erik Scott and participating in covering up evidence that would show the shooting was not justified. I hope Mosher finds Booth's attorney and hires him.

UPDATE: 11/09/10

From Bob Owens:

FWIW [sic], I didn't write the bulk of the articles about the Erik Scott case on Confederate Yankee. Mike McDaniel, a former LEO, wrote those, and wrote them very well. Please give him the author credit he deserves.

Purely as a journalism matter, McDaniel made sure to point out in all of his articles that he was postulating hypotheticals, based upon the known facts and conflicting opinions and perspectives. Quite literally, there is nothing to sue over.

As for Booth... well, I hope he continues to use his current legal counsel, as he's so far accidentally tipped us to enough info to at least double his client's exposure.



OK. Well then, McDaniel owes William Mosher an apology. At least Vin Suprynowicz had the courtesy to apologize and admit that Scott was clearly the one in the wrong. As for McDaniel's story line being "hypothetical," I don't believe that. Even if it were just "hypothetical," the testimony from the witnesses, including Scott's girlfriend, at the inquest made it clear that there was no missing gun. Scott drew a pistol and was shot. Not even she claimed it was Scott's cell phone.

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Anonymous said...

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