Sunday, November 21, 2010

ICE Illegal Alien Drunk Driver Amnesty

Besides running an illegal and unconstitutional amnesty for illegal alien students, John Morton is also running an amnesty for illegal alien drunk drivers.
Shortly before 7:00 p.m. on September 12, police in Teaneck, New Jersey, pulled over a woman on Queen Anne Road, who was driving erratically.

The woman, Sofia Bautista-Aparicio, 24, was taken into custody after failing several field sobriety tests. Sitting in the police cruiser, the Mexican national urinated on the seat, vomited and passed out. Because of her condition, police transported her to Holy Name Medical Center.

According to police, Bautista-Aparicio spoke no English and required an interpreter throughout the booking process. While in custody, Bautista-Aparicio, who had no valid driver’s license, admitted to police that she had entered the country illegally.

Police contacted Immigration and Customs Enforcement to report the illegal alien. However, ICE refused to respond, as they do not consider her to be a serious threat.
Bautista-Aparicio was charged with DUI and simply released on a summons.
Supposedly after the killing of a nun in South Carolina, ICE was no longer amnestying drunk drivers, but apparently the old policy is back in force.

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