Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More Lies From The Press

The San Francisco Chronicle, a dying newspaper, continues its cheerleading and baby waving for illegal immigration. And its efforts to deceive the public on the issue. That is probably why its circulation is in free fall. Here is the story, another poor illegal alien who just did not know he was illegal until ICE came knocking on his door.

Steve Li was living up to his - and his parents' - American dream until his untold past caught up to him.

The 20-year-old City College of San Francisco student was chasing his goal to open a medical clinic serving the immigrant community, when U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials knocked on the door of his Ingleside apartment more than a month and a half ago.

And here is the Chron with the half lies designed to mislead its readers and gain sympathy for the illegal alien.

Now he faces deportation to a country where he has no friends or family.
While experts say his situation is not unusual, his case now has the support of

Li, whose legal name is Shing Ma Li, was born in Peru but always thought he was in the United States legally because his tourist visa has a 2012 expiration date.

What his mother, Li Maria Ma, 50, never told him was that the tourist visas his family was granted in 2002 didn't mean they could stay for 10 years.

The big lie here, or small, deliberately misleading lie is that Li is also a Chinese citizen. Just like children born to Mexican citizens abroad, Li has a right to Chinese citizenship. All ethnically Chinese born abroad to either Chinese citizens or ethnic Chinese, can, even if citizenship is not claimed and birth and registered with the Chinese embassy or consulate, claim Chinese citizenship even as an adult. The Chinese, both on Taiwan and the Mainland, call them Overseas Chinese. So Li can chose to be deported to China and live with his extended family there. Or his parents can go with him and take care of him. He seems to be unable or unwilling to be an adult and accept the consequences of his and his parents actions.
The other lies that the Chron and its reporter Jessica Kwong, no surprises there, tells the reader is that Li had no knowledge of his status. Bunk. He had to know, as he was enrolled at the Community College of San Francisco, which admits illegal aliens. Furthermore, since the family applied for asylum, Li would have had to gone through that process, as well as receiving the notice that his application for asylum had been denied and that he would have to leave the United States. Since that notice occurred in 2004, he would have been at least 14 when that happened. Certainly old enough to have understood that when he and his parents were notified.

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