Sunday, November 28, 2010

Swiss Strike Back

Barely. Swiss voters approved a deportation plan for criminal aliens, but only by 52%. Close, very close.

Swiss voters have approved a plan to automatically deport foreigners found guilty of committing serious crimes or benefit fraud.

Swiss national broadcaster SF1 says 52.9 percent of voters backed the proposal put forward by the nationalist Swiss People's Party, or SVP.

SF1 reports that 47.1 percent voted against the plan.

The deportation proposal drew fire ahead of Sunday vote from legal experts who said it could breach offenders' human rights.

Anti-racism groups also bemoaned that the SVP's posters showing white sheep kicking black sheep off a Swiss flag played on stereotypical images of foreigners as criminals.

A government-backed counterproposal would have required case-by-case review by a judge before an individual is deported.

As they say, that was danger close. The surprise though is that there was no previous means to remove legal aliens who committed crimes in Switzerland. But this is another step by the Swiss to protect their nation from immigration, both legal and illegal. Following up on their ban on minarets, perhaps Switzerland will survive. It appears that the UK will not.

Of course, for the Swiss the next issue will be will the laws requiring the deportation of felons be enforced. If they have a John Morton, the law will be useless.

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