Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tripling Down On Stupid

There is a new conspiracy theory in the Erik Scott shooting from Mike McDaniel. This time it is a wide ranging conspiracy between the elected Sheriff of Las Vegas,the United States Secret Service, a private security company, Costco and its employees, as well as dozens of Las Vegas Metro Police Department (LVMPD) officers. This conspiracy is summarized by Costco deliberately sabotaging its video surveillance system because LVMPD officers shot Erik Scott unlawfully and needed to cover-up their crime by destroying the video evidence that was shot by Costco's surveillance system, all despite the fact that the record shows that Costco reported its video surveillance and recording system down to the contractor days before the shooting. The essence of the conspiracy theory is that the video system recorded Erik Scott being shot, not with a gun in his hand, but a cell phone.

How, the most egregious part of McDaniel's conspiracy theory is that the whole basis of his conspiracy theory is baseless. He claims that Scott was shot with a cell phone in his hand. But Scott's girlfriend stated clearly and openly at the Coroner's Inquest that Scott had his gun, a .45 ACP Kimber automatic pistol in his hand when he was shot by LVMPD officers.

She said he was surprised to learn that he was the reason people were being asked to exit the store.

“He carries a gun everywhere he goes. This has never happened before,” she said, referencing the evacuation.

Their plan, Sterner said, was for Scott to take his guns out to her car then come back to the store and sort out what happened.

Scott never made it that far.

Moments later, he was shot to death outside the doors of the shoppers warehouse.

Sterner says on the tape that the officer who fired first at Scott “was too aggressive” and would have shot Scott even if he had complied with all directions.

“I just think that this officer was out of line,” she tells the officer. What happened was a misunderstanding.

“He was trying to put his weapon on the ground,” she says.

Officer William Mosher, the first of three officers who fired shots at Scott and the first to pull his trigger, was again on the witness stand Friday to answer questions from interested parties...

...But he said that given the circumstances — that Scott had raised a weapon at him — he had no choice but to respond with deadly force.

Mosher, who is a Marine, said Scott, a West Point graduate, should have known how to safely surrender a weapon to an officer, but he didn’t act in an appropriate manner. “I think CCW is a great thing,” he said.Under questioning, Mosher described himself as a believer in the 2nd Amendment and a member of the National Rifle Association.

Testimony on Thursday by Mosher and Costco employees indicated that Scott hadn’t committed any crimes inside the store — Scott might have received a ticket for trespassing or destruction of property. [sic. an infraction is a crime.]

But he said it is illegal in Nevada to carry a weapon when under the influence of drugs or alcohol, [ed. note: A crime] so police had an obligation to investigate and take Scott into custody, even if it was only temporarily. There was a good chance, Mosher said, that Scott wouldn’t have been arrested for anything.

In the background of a call to 911 played for the jury, Mosher can be heard yelling, “Put your hands where I can see them now. Drop it! Get on the ground! Get on the ground!”

[Obviously Mosher saw a weapon and responded. McDaniel claims that there was no weapon. The recording proves McDaniel wrong.]

The shooting wouldn’t have happened, he said, if Scott had complied with the commands issued by police to get on the ground.

McDaniel conveniently ignores that Scott's girlfriend admitted that he had a gun in his hand. So there is no need for any conspiracy to destroy any surveillance record. Scott had a gun in his hand. There is no question about that. His frakking girlfriend admitted that.

No need for a magic gun, no need for a disappearing surveillance video. There is no need for any conspiracy. Scott had a gun, he drew it, he got shot. No conspiracy needed. Erik Scott committed suicide by cop. Pretty simple.

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