Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Another Argument Against The DREAM Act

The is more evidence in the news that the DREAM Act will not only be bad for America, but bad for the military. Another immigrant or descendant of immigrants, has gone traitor, selling secret information to what he believed was an enemy of the United States.

(Dec. 7) -- A Navy petty officer is behind bars after selling secret documents to an undercover agent in an FBI sting, federal authorities say.

Bryan Minkyu Martin, a Navy Reserve intelligence specialist with the Joint Special Operations Command, was arrested last week by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service and is being held at Fort Bragg in North Carolina, The Washington Post reported today. Martin, 22, met three times with an FBI agent posing as an officer of an unnamed foreign country, CNN reported, citing an affidavit filed in federal court. At a motel near Fort Bragg, Martin was paid a total of $3,500 in cash after delivering documents titled "Top Secret" and "Secret." Martin told the agent he planned a long career in military intelligence and could be "very valuable," The Associated Press reported. He joined the Navy in 2006 and was given a top security clearance one year later. He was transferred to Fort Bragg after being stationed at military installations in New York, South Carolina, California and Washington, D.C.

If we pass the DREAM Act, we will get more like him in the military, like the communist Alejandro Jimenez.

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